Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Indie (M) HC1208

Age: 13 years

Indie would need to be the only cat, king of his own castle.  As long as he has a cat flap and garden with someone who will stroke him in the evening he should be happy.  So Indie is fine for someone who works full time.

He is quite cheeky and will want to be stroked for a good while and will then let you know he's had enough.    He's a lovely boy, pretty independent and well behaved.   He loves his 'special biscuits' (Dreamies - so new owner must be willing to keep a constant supply!).  He is looking for a friendly, kind, down to earth owner.  He's not been outside before so would need a very secure garden and a home on a quiet road as he's not traffic aware.

Indie is neutered and micro-chipped.

Whisper (F) HC3212

Age: 5 years

This litte female was part of a stray colony and our intention was to neuter and put her back but after a couple of days at the vets they realised she isn't feral just a little timid but friendly so it wouldn't be right to put her back.

The vet nurses called her Whisper as she's very quiet.  She will probably need a quiet adult only home where she can flourish.

Whisper has been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

Myrtle (F) HC3232

Age: 5 years

Myrtle's story
Well we started in our own commune, we had lots of babies and eventually there were too many of us.  That's when HAWS came along and collected us in small groups.  Myrtle (that's me) and Beauty went first and had our kittens, the kittens have all been adopted as they were all cute.  Beauty was adopted and that left me - I was lonely and miserable, one day Nicola who looked after me and my five kittens moved me and  I met up with five of my cousins or they may possibly be my brothers and sister I really can't remember.  One thing about us is we are all shy and nervous but we do love dinner and treat time, at night we move our beds around the room to confuse Nicola in the morning.  We are all black except Mog who is black and white, the rest of us do have little white hidden markings, mine Is on my  tum.  Let me introduce you there is Little one she is small and cute, we have William he is the biggest, Munro who is the middle one and Midge!  Myself and Little One are the ladies the rest are gents!!  I can't tell you how long it took me to get everybody in one place and to make them sit still for a photo !!!

Belle (F) HC3244

Age: 6 years

Callie (F) HC3886

Age: 3 years

Callie is a pretty young tortoisehell who was abandoned at a vet practice.  She had no microchip, wasn't neutered and had a badly broken and wounded tail.  Sadly there was no alternative but to amputate most of her tail but she still has 3 or 4 inches left. the first photo shows her short tail.    Callie has been neutered and micro-chipped. 

Sadly our vet has confirmed that she is technically blind but he thinks she may be able to see some contrast. 

She is a very affectionate little girl,  loves cuddles and can be held like a baby.  She will need an experienced home with somebody around most of the time and willing to learn the best way to inter-react with her.  Her foster home says it's quite easy now they know what to do.  Blind cats cope very well once they are used to their surroundings.  She is very young and deserves a forever home.

While Callie hates the other female cats in the house she's very fond of Mr. Yellow and seems to want to play, but sadly he's scared of her.

She could possibly be homed with a sweet natured, gentle male cat who likes other cats. Not suitable for children as she can nip but only when she's startled.

Callie will need a home with a very secure garden.  As she can't see much she enjoys the smell and feel of the garden even in the rain.  She's young and has lots of energy so an indoor home wouldn't be right for her. She also needs some daytime company as she's very chattty.  

Honey (F) HC4115

Age: 2 years

Honey is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat who is looking for a very patient owner who can give her the time and space to realise all humans are not intrinsically bad. She loves her food and home comforts but at the moment is definitely not a lap cat and is not keen on human touch.

Scaredy-cats like Honey can be very rewarding and make very loyal companions when they finally learn to trust their owner.

She would need a quiet adult only home with no other cats as she really doesn't like them which is typical tortie.

Honey is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Kirrin (F) HC4285

Age: 20 months

Kirrin was less than a year old when she came into our care heavily pregnant -  the feline version of a teenage mum. She had been reported on social media roaming around the area obviously pregnant.

She gave birth to 5 kittens and now they are weaned, she has been neutered and is looking for her permanent home, away from the kids, who can be a pawful for a single mother.

She's very friendly, laid back, loves batting foil balls and begging for treats.

She'll be very good with children old and informed enough to know what a tailflick means. Her tail is beautifully expressive, as it's impressively long, in contrast to her petite frame.

She doesn't need much attention, and would be comfortable being left alone during the day.

We think she would prefer to be the sole pet in the household.  She is OK living indoors with her fosterer but in time would like to have a safe garden to explore.

Kirrin has been neutered, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped.

Tia (F) HC4381

Age: 17 months

Tia came into our care recently due to a change in her owner's circumstances.  She is a sweet and friendly little girl but can be a little shy with people she doesn't know but this will change once she feels secure and settled in her new home.  She is very partial to catnip so  some catnip toys would make her feel at home when she is adopted.

She would be fine for a family with older children say 8 years and above  as she can nip if she get's excited.    She would be equally happy in an adult only home and would like a secure garden to investigate

Tia is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date with her vaccinations. 

Kofi (F) HC4383

Age: 5 years

 Kofi came to live with us in March due to a change in her owners’ circumstances. She settled in well and was friendly and allowed us to stroke her from day 1, although for the first few weeks she preferred to have a bit more quiet time to herself as she took in her new surroundings.

She is a friendly cat that likes to have her beautifully soft fur stroked and is happy to have a quick cuddle. She also likes to rub against your legs particularly just before her meal times whilst purring loudly.

Kofi likes being able to potter around the garden so would love to have a garden in her new home, although she tends to stay close to home.

When playing, she especially likes chasing balls or toy mice, particularly the catnip variety, and she loves athletically jumping after toys in the air.

She also has an amusing character trait of being very curious, so you may find that she will want to do a full check of your cupboards in the beginning pulling them open herself and climbing in to check out the contents.

Kofi would like a quiet adult only home with a garden.

She is neutered, chipped and is fully vaccinated.  There a a couple of video clips where you can see her playing

Whitby (M) HC4402

Age: 2 years

Introducing Whitby, pure black apart rom a little white bib, this is what his foster mum says about him:

Whitby is a very special boy. He has been with us since the start of lockdown and has been the most wonderful company. He was friendly and affectionate from the moment he arrived at our house and I think he would be happy in a family home (perhaps with slightly older children as he can get a bit overexcited and clawy when playing!). He is very placid, happy to be picked up and cuddled on a regular basis and likes to snuggle in bed with us at night. He had an eye infection when he came to us and was very good about having his eye drops and pills every day until it healed. He has spent a lot of time watching all the activity outside through the window and will definitely need his own garden to explore. He is a lovely chirpy boy, chattering quietly to himself and to us all day until mealtimes when he gets very noisy! He does love his food and should not be left in the kitchen unattended - I have found him on the side with his face in my dinner more than once!

He is happy on his own but I think he would benefit from having someone around for some of the day/week as that is what he has been used to for the last 6 months with us. He will be a wonderful addition to whoever offers him a forever home. P.S I have never met a cat who adores boxes as much as Whitby - he absolutely loves them

Whitby is neutered and micro-chipped

Reggie (M) HC4417

Age: 4 years

Reggie is a delightful boy to have around, gentle, friendly and playful. He has been with us since late May and settled in straight away with confidence. He likes to be around people, and will move from room to room to sit nearby to wherever I am working / spending time. He is very cuddly, and will snuggle up beside me on the sofa in the evenings, offering his belly and fluffy underchin areas for a good rub.  He is well litter trained.  He loves playing with toys, chasing string, and catching dreamy treats. He also uses a scratch post and loves a good brush.

He eats well, dry food all day, and a little wet in the evenings to supplement. He has a very cool party trick for taking treats from your fingertips too, and is very gentle with his paws, not his claws.  

He spends hours sitting on our window ledges longingly looking at the trees and grass and is definitely an outdoor cat. A garden home will be ideal for Reggie and he will make for a delightful, loyal companion.

He's been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped


Olive (F) HC4428

Age: 15 months

Olive came into our care as a stray along with her 6 tiny kittens. 

She is an ever-patient, very pretty young mother with beautiful amber eyes.  She is affectionate and loves to lie down next to you, or occasionally on your lap, for a chuck under the chin. She will be a loyal friend.

Olive is looking forward to being looked after herself, having done such an amazing job with her 6 kittens.

She has been spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped ready for homing. 


Mog (F) HC4437

Age: 22 weeks
Mog is related to Sparkle

Mog and Sparkle were born outside to a feral mother, they have made progress in their foster home. This is what they say about them

Sparkle is very friendly and will sit on the sofa with us.  She is very outgoing and will make a lovely companion.  Mog is very much an independent cat but will follow Sparkle so I think she will be fine, but someone will have to be patient  with her until they have gained her trust.  She won't be picked up but I can touch her.

They are great fun and will be a lovely pair for the right person. Probably best in a quieter adult home.

They are both fully vaccinated and have been micro-chipped and spayed.


Sparkle (F) HC4439

Age: 22 weeks
Sparkle is related to Mog

Sparkle and Mog were born outside to a feral mother, they have made progress in their foster home. This is what they say about them

Sparkle is very friendly and will sit on the sofa with us.  She is very outgoing and will make a lovely companion.  Mog is very much an independent cat but will follow Sparkle so I think will be fine, but someone will have to be patient  with her until they have gained her trust.  She won't be picked up but I can touch her.

They are great fun and will be a lovely pair for the right person. Probably best in a quieter adult home.

They are both fully vaccinated and have been micro-chipped and spayed.


Plum (F) HC4451

Age: 2 years
Plum is related to Pickle

Plum has had a rough start in life. She was hit by a car and taken to a local vet by a passer by.  Fortunately only a glancing blow where she was treated for bruising and shock.   She has a pre-existing eye infury and we don't think she has any sight in that eye.  She later gave birth to one kitten but had virtually no milk so the kitten (Pickle - bottom photo) is being hand reared.

Only having one good eye  doesn’t stop her jumping on windowsills to look at the outside world. Despite all her struggles she is a very affectionate cat and is looking for a calm home with adult or teenage lap(s) to sit on. She is chatty and knows her own mind. She would love to be adopted by someone who is around for most of the day for cat cuddles and purring.

She may be able to be homed with her kitten Pickle or on her own.

Plum has been spayed,  started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped. 


Twinkle (F) HC4454

Age: 2 years
Twinkle is related to Giles Willow Xander

Twinkle was rescued by us together with her 3 kittens after a householder discovered her.  We're sure she had a home once as she is friendly.  She's a pretty girl and will make a lovely companion for somebody.  The photo doesn't really do her justice as it was taken while she was in a pen at the vets before she moved to a foster home.

She will have been spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption.

Twinkle will need access to a secure garden.

Giles (M) HC4456

Age: 15 weeks
Giles is related to Twinkle Willow Xander

Giles is a sweet little boy who was born to a stray mother along with his siblings Xander and Willow.  They were all shy as they'd had little human contact, but they have come a long way,

Giles is the bravest of the trio so he can be homed on his own to people who will give him the space to progress in his own time.  He could also be homed with another feline friendly cat,

Giles will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

He will need access to a secure garden once he is able to venture outside.

Willow (F) HC4457

Age: 15 weeks
Willow is related to Twinkle Giles Xander

Willow is a very pretty and petitle tabby girl.  She is still quite shynd is bonded with her brother Xander.

However, she is not shy when it comes to feeding time, so some tasty treats will help to gain her confidence with humans.

She will need a queit home with people who will be patient and let her come round in her own time and have access to a secure garden.  Willow must behomed with Xander

Willow will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before adoption


Xander (M) HC4458

Age: 15 weeks
Xander is related to Twinkle Giles Willow

Xander is a handsome tabby and white boy. He is still quite shy and bonded with his sister Willow so they must be homed together.

He will need a quiet home with people who will be patient and let him come round in his own time and he will need access to a secure garden.  Xander must behomed with Willow

Xander  will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before adoption

Pickle (F) HC4465

Age: 9 weeks
Pickle is related to Plum

Pickle is a delightful black kitten with a light dusting of white around her eyebrows, throat and belly button. She is an only kitten and was handreared as her mum Plum did not have enough milk for her. As a result she is very comfortable around humans and plays with feet and hands as if they are her littermates. She hasn't yet learned to keep her claws in and her teeth are like litle needles.  

This is normal for a hand reared kitten and it will change,  but means she is not suitable for a house with young children. For older children, teenagers and adults she will be a wonderful companion as she is playful and fearless when she gets to know you. She loves chasing ping pong balls and her favourite bit of ribbon. She could live with another kitten of a similar age or a friendly older cat.

Pickle will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

She could be homed with her mother Plum, with another kitten or a feline friendly older cat.

Tilly (F) HC4466

Age: 2 years

Tilly came into our care heavily pregnant and gave birth to 6 kittens 3 days later.  She has been a really good mother to her kittens who will soon be ready to move to their new homes.

She has got to the point where she loves to escape from them for some much needed rest.  She loves being fussed, adores her food and even sits next to the resident house rabbits very happily.

Looks like she's having some time out fromt her kittens with a comic.

Tilly will make a lovely addition to someone's family.  She will be fine with older children or for an adult only home.

She will be spayed, have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Luna (F) HC4467

Age: 3 years

"My name is Luna and I’m a gorgeous 3 year old girl with a luxuriously soft but thick black coat that you want to pet for days.

As I haven’t had the best of luck with my previous humans I do have trust issues and it takes me a long time to settle down in a new place and get used to people. I don’t get on well with other pets or children as they scare me.

I really just need my vey own loving and patient hooman who’s willing to give me the time, space and care I need to build up my confidence and trust because I have a lot of love to give but I’ve been hurt a lot in the past. I’m very independent and adventurous so a kitty door and safe access to outside is essential. "

Luna is neutered and up to date with her vaccinatons.  She also has a pet passport as she's been to Spain before.  

Arthur (M) HC4475

Age: 15 weeks

Introducing Arthur.  He came to us after a sad and difficult start to his young life. At barely nine weeks old he was found alone, severely dehydrated and hungry by a member of the public. After a few days at the vets he improved enormously and was ready to go to a foster home and this is what they say

"In the few weeks we have had him he has come on amazingly well. He is healthy and happy. He is a little shy but is very affectionate once he feels safe and loved - we have never heard such loud purrs. He is learning to play and enjoys chasing newspaper balls best! He will benefit from a quiet home with adults or older children where his family has the time to dedicate to building on his confidence and security. He is a beautiful kitten and we think he will make a loyal, affectionate companion"

Arthur has had his first vaccination and been micro-chipped.  He has also been treated for fleas and worms. As he is semi-long haired he will need a little grooming to keep his coat knot free.

He will need a home with a secure garden on a quiet road.  He would be fine for a family with older children.

Rachel (F) HC4476

Age: 20 months
Rachel is related to Gard

Rachel is a sweet, loving but slightly anxious mother cat.  This might disappear when she's not with her kittens as she growls at the front door and is very vocal making sure her kittens are where she wants them or expect them to be!  She loves her kittens and plays with them.  She plays a little with humans but defers to the kittens.  She adores having head rubs, is not yet a lap cat but likes to be near her humans, especially if she thinks there is food involved! 

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page


Rachel will be spayed, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Gard (M) HC4481

Age: 11 weeks
Gard is related to Rachel

Gard (also known as The Floofster) is an adorable fluffball, playing and investigating.  He has a loyal following on his foster Mum's Facebook page!  He very quickly discovered the love of humans and immediately rolls on his back, waves his fluffy paws in the air, purrs and wants loving.  He also loves having his face tickled. 

This litter was not brought into us until the kittens were 4 weeks old and so all the kittens were timid.  They now  all accept strokes once the first stroke has landed!  He would be suitable for a family with older gentle children.

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

Gard will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing


Mr Darcy (M) HC4485

Age: 18 months
Urgent rehoming required

Mr Darcy is a young cat, we think just over a year old.  He'd been visiting someone since April and all through lockdown on an almost daily basis for food and must have had a home at some stage but we have not been able to trace it.

He's very affectionate and throws himself on the ground to show his gratitude for attention - which he loves when he gets it!  He eats well and is a smashing boy who loves to lie on his fosterer's lap and go to sleep, stretching and changing position every so often, sometimes falling off!

He will need to be an only cat as he will not tolerate even the sight of our fosterer's cats.  We think it could be fear rather than aggression, given what he may have been through, but we would not recommend him for a home where there are other resident cats.   

He is very much missing being able to go outside so must go to a home with a secure garden, and it is for that reason that we have marked him for urgent homing.

Mr Darcy has been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  

As an only cat he will make an excellent and companionable pet in an adult-only home or one with children 12+.   He is chatty and responsive, loves treats and zooming around and trying out absolutely everything and everywhere in the home