Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Indie (M) HC1208

Age: 12 years

Indie would need to be the only cat, king of his own castle.  As long as he has a cat flap and garden with someone who will stroke him in the evening he should be happy.  So Indie is fine for someone who works full time.

He is quite cheeky and will want to be stroked for a good while and will then let you know he's had enough.    He's a lovely boy, pretty independent and well behaved.   He loves his 'special biscuits' (Dreamies - so new owner must be willing to keep a constant supply!).  He is looking for a friendly, kind, down to earth owner.  He's not been outside before so would need a very secure garden and a home on a quiet road as he's not traffic aware.

Indie is neutered and micro-chipped.

Awaiting image

Marge (F) HC2120

Age: 8 years

Marge is an elegant and playful young cat of about 5/6 years old. Very sleek black with a white diamond on her chest and white patch on her belly.  She will be good with another cat and will probably make friends with him/her first.    Marge has been in foster care for some time and has only recently allowed her foster family to stroke her. She is independent and does her own thing.  She is very outdoorsy and loves climbing trees so will need a garden.  She's very laid back and a lovely natured female and we have enjoyed having her around to see her develop.

Myrtle (F) HC3232

Age: 4 years

Myrtle's story
Well we started in our own commune, we had lots of babies and eventually there were too many of us.  That's when HAWS came along and collected us in small groups.  Myrtle (that's me) and Beauty went first and had our kittens, the kittens have all been adopted as they were all cute.  Beauty was adopted and that left me - I was lonely and miserable, one day Nicola who looked after me and my five kittens moved me and  I met up with five of my cousins or they may possibly be my brothers and sister I really can't remember.  One thing about us is we are all shy and nervous but we do love dinner and treat time, at night we move our beds around the room to confuse Nicola in the morning.  We are all black except Mog who is black and white, the rest of us do have little white hidden markings, mine Is on my  tum.  Let me introduce you there is Little one she is small and cute, we have William he is the biggest, Munro who is the middle one and Midge!  Myself and Little One are the ladies the rest are gents!!  I can't tell you how long it took me to get everybody in one place and to make them sit still for a photo !!!

Heidi (F) HC3660

Age: 3 years

Heidi is a very appropriate name for this pretty little black girl.  She is very shy but fine with other cats.  She came into our care with her kittens.  Mum and kittens were found sheltering under a bush.  Her kittens have all been homed but Heid remains timid although is slowly improving in her foster home in the company of moe confident cats.

She would need a home with very patient quiet people.  She would be an ideal companion for a resident cat who has perhaps lost a companion and is in need of a new friend.

Callie (F) HC3886

Age: 2 years

Callie is a pretty young tortoisehell who was abandoned at a vet practice.  She had no microchip, wasn't neutered and had a badly broken and wounded tail.  Sadly there was no alternative but to amputate most of her tail but she still has 3 or 4 inches left. the first photo shows her short tail.    Callie has been neutered and micro-chipped. 

Sadly our vet has confirmed that she is technically blind but he thinks she may be able to see some contrast. 

She is a very affectionate little girl,  loves cuddles and can be held like a baby.  She will need an experienced home with somebody around most of the time and willing to learn the best way to inter-react with her.  Her foster home says it's quite easy now they know what to do.  Blind cats cope very well once they are used to their surroundings.  She is very young and deserves a forever home.

Latest update from foster home.  While Callie hates the other female cats in the house she's very fond of Mr. Yellow and seems to want to play but sadly he's scared of her.

She could possibly be homed with a sweet natured, gentle male cat who likes other cats. Not suitable for children as she can nip but only when she's startled.

Update from foster home:  Callie will need a home with a very secure garden.  As she can't see much she enjoys the smell and feel of the garden even in the rain.  She's young and has lots of energy so an indoor home wouldn't be right for her. She also needs some daytime company as she's very chattty.  

Faith (F) HC3899

Age: 2 years

Faith, Hope and Charity came into our care as feral strays who we took from a colony of cats living in an area that was very unsafe, we don't know how they weren't killed in the traffic. Normally we would neuter and return ferals if somebody was happy to continue feeding them but in this case it wasn't ethical to do so.

They are still wary of human contact but we think with a lot of patience they could come round.  We are looking for somebody who could give this trio, initially, an outdoor home with the hope that after time they would want to come in.  

The other alternative would be a stables or smallholding where the owners live on the premises.  This trio would be ideal to keep the rodent population down.

They are all young, healthy and neutered.  If you are interested please contact initially by email and we will get back to you to answer any questions you may have.

Charity (F) HC3913

Age: 2 years

Please see notes on Faith

Hope (F) HC3914

Age: 2 years

Please see notes on Faith

Jet (M) HC4114

Age: 11 months

Hi I’m Jet. But I’m not jet black. I’m dark chocolate actually.

I’m sweet, charming and full of character. I have discovered that I like water, especially the washing up and the bath tub after shower. I am very vocal. I like to say ‘hello’ and ‘no’ any time I want attention and cuddles . I’m very curious too. Whatever you're doing I’m there. I want to check if everything is being done properly.  

 I love playing, literally with everything! Toys, ribbons, balls of  all sizes, bottle caps, paper clips and my favourite are pencils. If I don’t get attention, don’t worry, I will find a teddy to carry to my favourite spot and play with it.  

I don’t have any siblings but I might love to have a partner in crime. Just to  hang around with, have a good wrestling session and watch  cat tv together. 

When you come to visit me, please ask my foster parents to show you my celebrity videos.

Jet is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Honey (F) HC4115

Age: 13 months

Honey is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat who is looking for a very patient owner who can give her the time and space to realise all humans are not intrinsically bad. She loves her food and home comforts but at the moment is definitely not a lap cat and is not keen on human touch.

Scaredy-cats like Honey can be very rewarding and make very loyal companions when they finally learn to trust their owner.

She would need a quiet adult only home with no other cats as she really doesn't like them which is typical tortie.

Honey is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Gilbert (M) HC4163

Age: 6 months

Hello!  Some of you may remember me from a special appeal HAWS ran in the summer, when lots of wonderful people raised money for me to have an operation on my chest. Thank you very much !! I was born with pectus excavatum so my heart and lungs were squashed.     The operation is all done now, the specialist vet says he’s ‘really chuffed’ with me, and I’m set to lead a perfectly normal, healthy life.  You can read my story on my Facebook page, here: 

So, at last, I’m looking for my forever family.  Could it be you?

I’m very confident and friendly, and especially fond of human company.  Absolutely everything is a toy, and I’m always keen to play.  I shall definitely need a garden, where I can burn off some of my boundless energy, and it would be lovely to have a friendly resident cat to play with too.  (Mummy says that cat will need to be very forebearing, whatever that means.)

When I’m done with games, I like to spend the evening sprawled on a lap, watching tv, and then cuddled up beside you on the bed.

Mummy says I have rather bad manners — although my big ‘brother’ here is patiently teaching me how to behave more politely — and I sometimes nip when I get over-excited. I’d probably do better in an adult household, or one with older children.  I absolutely must have some human daytime company, otherwise I’ll be lonely and bored.

I’ve been microchipped, fully vaccinated, and neutered, and am up to date with flea and worm treatment.

Mummy just reminded me to say thank you and put a link to the very special vets who made me better

There are lots more photos on my Facebook page 





Miley (F) HC4186

Age: 5 years

Miley is a very pretty dark tortoieshel.  She came into our care as her owner is moving and can't take her to her new accommodation.

Miley is a loving and affectionate cat who enjoys being around and interacting with people, children and adults.  

She is safe and approachable and enjoys nothing more than sitting on a lap. Miley is used to having access to a garden and enjoys the outdoors. 

Miley has a short tail, but it doesn't detract from her good looks. She has been spayed and microchipped and is currently starting her vaccinations. 

Jewel (F) HC4192

Age: 21 months

Jewel was a stray that a kind lady had been feeding in  her garden and was very worried about  her as she suddenly looked very pregnant.  We took her in, thankfully before she had her kittens.  Jewel's stunning golden eyes (so much more gold than amber) were the inspiration for the theme of Gemstones for the litter names.

Jewel is the most loving and friendly cat - she is also very playful when her kittens aren't hogging the toys!  She is attentive to them and doesn't like them being where she can't get to them but is relaxed enough that we are sure this is not her first litter. Jewel is very kitten like in her play.

Tigger (M) HC4217

Age: 6 months
Tigger is related to Roobin

These two cheeky brothers are 6 months old, neutered and mircochipped. Tigger is the more outgoing one, loves his food and everyone else's !!  He will follow you around, is very playful and vocal.

He loves going under throws. He's more friendly than his brother Roobin who's a little more stubborn and still quite timid.  Both are funny they enjoy play fighting chasing each other and scaring themsleves... very amusing.

They would be best for an adult only home where they can continue to flourish in their own time.



Roobin (M) HC4218

Age: 6 months
Roobin is related to Tigger

These two cheeky brothers are 6 months old, neutered and mircochipped. Tigger is the more outgoing one, love his food and everyone else's !!  He will follow you around is very playful and vocal. He loves going under throws. He's more friendly than his brother Roobin who's a little more stubborn and still quite timid.

It will take a little more time but Roobin will let his guard down eventually. Both are funny they enjoy play fighting chasing each other and scaring themsleves... very amusing.



Scarlett (F) HC4235

Age: 12 months

Scarlett is a lovely sleek black girl who is alsoa bit of a character.   We took her from an awful place along with her two brothers, who  have since been homed.    Scarlett is on her own now and would love to have her own home.

She has blossomed since we've had her and is now a nice, friendly girl.   We think a quietish home would be ideal.    

She really doesn't like other cats and even bossed her much bigger brothers around so would just like somewhere of her own where she can have all the attention to herself.

Scarlett has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.


Ziggy Stardust (F) HC4258

Age: 15 months
Ziggy Stardust is related to Major Tom China Girl Hermione

Ziggy Stardust  is what's known as a Bowie cat - her eyes are different colours - one is amber/green and the other is blue.  She has very strong signs of some Oriental Shorthair about her, though not pure bred.  She has a roman nose which can give her a haughty look but she is very loving and friendly.  

She is quite vocal which again points to her having some oriental in her background.  She does like to have a "conversation" and will certainly let you know when she wants your attention and a fuss.

Update from foster home

Ziggy Stardust has settled in well she’s full of confidence and very loud purrs! She’s got such a personality and is so playful. She’s very chatty and she makes the cutest noises/chirps as she goes about her day. 

Ziggy has been spayed, vaccinatied and micro-chipped

Major Tom (M) HC4261

Age: 17 weeks
Major Tom is related to Ziggy Stardust China Girl Hermione

Major Tom is a physical conundrum!  As soon as we saw his eyes go a proper blue and not green we were convinced he would be deaf (70% of pure white blue eyed cats are) .  However we have established he's not deaf he just gets totally absorbed in what he's doing or mesmerised by the TV so doesn't always respond.  Since two of his siblings have been adopted and his mum has moved on he's more responsive to noises and foster mum talking to him unless he's watching TV !!

He is a loving little boy, a bit lazy but very very playful when the urge takes him.  He likes nothing more than stealing toys from his sisters and carrying them around the flat.  His eyes are very striking and he is quickly learning how to bat his eyelids to make humans feel sorry for him!  

Tom could go on his own but ideally we would like him to be homed with his sister Hermione as he is often curled up asleep with her.

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

Major Tom has started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped

China Girl (F) HC4262

Age: 17 weeks
China Girl is related to Ziggy Stardust Major Tom Hermione

China Girl is a spunky little girl though she does tend to get overshadowed by her sister, Hermione!  But she has a streak of possessiveness, particularly over food treats and will growl at anyone who threatens to eat her food! 

She is playful, enjoys running around and leaping on her siblings.  China is likely to be long and lithe like her mother and sister Hermione, independent but thinks humans make good sources of toys and fun.

She is fine to go on her own providing there is someone at home for at least part of the day. 

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

China has started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped.

Hermione (F) HC4263

Age: 17 weeks
Hermione is related to Ziggy Stardust Major Tom China Girl

Hermione - now, here is an alpha female if ever we saw one!  She knows how to play to an audience but try and stroke her when she doesn't want it and she jumps back and stares at you like you've insuledt her to the core! 

Hermione is the only one of the white kittens that has any markings to tell her apart - she has 4 tiny grey splodges on her head (her eyebrows and two above which we unfortunately christened "horns" early on and she has the devil in her when she plays.  She's energetic, funny, energetic, playful… oh, and did I mention energetic?!  She's the one most likely to persuade her mother to play "chase me" and loves to draw her in with headbutts and licks.  If she deigns to be stroked she has a lovely rumbling purr and is the one her foster mum is most likely surprised to find has quietly settled down next to her human for a snooze. 

She could be homed on her own but she is close to her brother Major Tom and they are often curled up asleep together.

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

Hermione will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Tahlia (F) HC4269

Age: 22 weeks
Tahlia is related to Tamaris

Tahlia and her sister Tamaris are small tabby kittens however their markings are quite different, Tahlia is a mackarel tabby  whilst Tamaris has classic tabby markings with leopard like spots on her tummy , both have very soft fur. They are both small for their age so they could just grow into petite cats.

Tahlia(or Tal) is the bravest of the litter very keen to explore and was the first to sit on foster mum's knee,she is friendly, inquisitive  purry and loves to play with  toys, her sister and to tease the resident cats. She is a lap cat and likes human company.

She mixes with foster mum's cats and even the bossy tortie tolerates her so she  would be fine with a friendly male cat. The resident cats watch in amazement when the kittens have their mad moments and are not entirely sure if they really are cats.

She would be fine for a family with older children who understand how to handle a  kitten.

Tahlia is fully vaccinated, has been wormed, micro-chipped and treated for fleas

She can be homed on her own as long as she has daytime company for at least part of the day

Tamaris (F) HC4270

Age: 22 weeks
Tamaris is related to Tahlia

Tamaris is a  classic tabby with leopard like spots on her tummy and very soft fur, she is a little shy until she gets to know you but she loves joining in the rough and tumble with her sister. She has come out of her shell  in her foster home and loves to play with the resident human, she has turned into a real lapcat 

Tamaris (or Tam)  and her sister are small for their age so they may become petite adult cats, Despite foster mum's best efforts it has proved impossible to take a picture of her on her own which shows how pretty she is as she doesn't sit still for very long. The resident cats think Tamaris and her sister are completely bonkers especially when having mad half hours rushing around the house chasing each other or imaginary prey.

She has become very territorial about foster mum's lap so really needs to be homed on her own where she has a lap of her own to sit on 

She can be homed on her own as long as she has company for at least part of the day

She is fully vaccinated, has been wormed, is microchipped and has been treated for fleas

Chloe (F) HC4296

Age: 13 weeks

Pretty little Chloe came to us  on the 15th August having been rejected by her mother.  She has been hand reared by one of our volunteers so is very human orientated.

She is playful and affectionate and used to having company all day so her ideal home would be where somebody only works part time.  As she hasn't been brought up with her siblings she still nips sometimes as she hasn't learned that it can hurt.  It is something she will grow out of so probably not ideal for young children.  She would  be fine for an adult only home or a family with older children who would respect her boundaries. 

Chloe will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Miffy (F) HC4297

Age: 10 months
Urgent rehoming required

Miffy was rescued from the streets of Greece as a kitten of six months by her current owners. She lives with them and their three older cats (a deaf mother and her two daughters). Sadly, socialising all 4 cats to the level where they can live harmoniously has not been possible. 

Miffy is adorable, playful (and learning not to nip hands and feet), talkative, curious, super intelligent and active - she loves to run and jump. She would make a wonderful companion. 

Miffy is still adjusting to being left alone and needs someone with time and patience who can give her attention and help her to live a fulfilling life - eventually introducing her to the outdoors when she is completely settled. She loves following her owners around the home and having  cuddles - but also lets you know when she's had enough. 

Given her early life experiences on the streets she has made remarkable progress.    We think Miffy is best suited to live without other pets or small children.   She needs a  home where her new owners can dote on her and where she can feel safe. 

Miffy is fully vaccinated.  spayed and  microchipped. She has a completely clean bill of health.

Pandora (F) HC4298

Age: 15 months
Pandora is related to Timmy Monkey Hope Flash

Introducing the elegant Pandora.  She has only been in her foster home with her 4 kittens  for a few days and this is what they've said about her.

" Pandora is very graceful, and appreciative of all her food. She has an amazing tail, and the most beautiful pale mint coloured eyes. She is playful with her kittens, but is happy to offer a rebuking miaow if they get too friendly with the resident house rabbits! "

Pandora will be ready for adoption once she is spayed but can be reserved now.

She will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Timmy (M) HC4299

Age: 10 weeks
Timmy is related to Pandora Monkey Hope Flash

Timmy is a smart little boy with M eyebrows. He loves playing with his brothers and sister, and is most relaxed when one of them is near to cuddle up to.

He must be homed with a sibling.

Timmy will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Monkey (M) HC4300

Age: 10 weeks
Monkey is related to Pandora Timmy Hope Flash

Monkey is currently the friendliest of the boys, and loves a cuddle and a stroke. He likes to climb behind you on the sofa for warmth and a quick snooze!

He must be homed with a sibling

He will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Hope (F) HC4301

Age: 10 weeks
Hope is related to Pandora Timmy Monkey Flash

Hope is a very pretty calico girl, who gets attached to her pet mouse and loves to disappear into a box with her “prey” to play. She holds her own with her siblings rough and tumble!

She can be must be homed one of her brothers. 

She is on the left of the group photo with her 3 brothers.

Hope will have started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Flash (M) HC4302

Age: 10 weeks
Flash is related to Pandora Timmy Monkey Hope

Flash loves to climb the cat tree and leap on his unsuspecting siblings from a a great height. He chases his toy spring around in delight on the slippy tiled floor, and then collapses in a heap with his siblings.

He must be homed with a sibling

Flash will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.