Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

Established in 1976, Hounslow Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) rehomes hundreds of abandoned cats and other domestic animals (except dogs) each year. The charity has a strict non-destruction policy.


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Feline Pancytopenia outbreak in UK

The Royal Veterinary College is aware of 443 cats that are known to them based on cases treated at their own hospitals and information provided by some vets in the UK. Of these there was 64% mortality at time of reporting. 

Go to our new Feline Pancytopenia page for more news articles, details about symptoms, to check the Food Standards Agency product recall notice, donate to our fundraiser, and for more information about Awen and Maia (ex haws kittens) who both sadly died of this condition recently. Our hearts go to their adopters, foster carer and all others who are affected by this.

RVC update – July 1st 2021

Coronavirus update

The charity is accepting and processing adoption applications but the process will take a little longer than usual.

For more information visit our Covid-19 page

Fostering or adoption

Foster homes are always needed for cats, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs while the charity finds new homes for them. Sometimes our foster homes adopt the animals they are looking after.

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HAWS Calendar

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Homes wanted for feral cats

Feral advert

Cats which have been left to go wild may never become domesticated enough to live indoors, but they can be placed in farms, stables, garden centres, microbreweries or anywhere else that might be suitable. HAWS will ensure they are neutered and provide food and pens to keep them contained while they settle in.

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Feature on taming feral kittens

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Please neuter your kittens!

One of the key reasons for the huge number of unwanted pets and strays coming to our charity, is that people are not neutering them. Neutering your animals has lots of benefits, both for their health and wellbeing. They are less likely to become problem pets due to territorial issues and/or being allowed to breed.

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