Cashew returns after 10 years

Cashew Returns

One of our past fosterers for both cats and rabbits, who also adopted from us, has this tale to tell.

About 10 years ago one of her HAWS cats, a young ginger male whom she named Cashew, inexplicably went missing. After much searching he wasn’t found, but in the intervening years she has always taken a close look at any ginger cat in the vicinity, just hoping that one day one of them might be him.

Fast forward to 2023 and a stray ginger male cat turned up in her garden. He was timid but Vicki fed and looked out for him and on the off-chance bought herself a microchip scanner. Bingo! This cat did indeed have a chip – she checked with the microchip company and her own paperwork and sure enough this was her Cashew! He has aged 10 years of course which is why she couldn’t be 100% sure at first. He seems in reasonable condition though, so where he has been and who has been looking after him is a mystery, but he is now enjoying life on her sofa and is still a gorgeous boy and very much loved. 

Without scanning for a microchip Vicki could not have been sure that this was her cat, so it’s worth a reminder to everybody that in England from 10th June this year all cats must be microchipped once they reach the age of 20 weeks.