An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirements page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.


Percy (M) HR87

Age: 3 years
Percy is related to Perdy
Must be homed with Perdy

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted every morning by this fun loving pair!
Percy and Perdita are always the first to give a warm welcome and to see what adventures the day will bring!
They love being active in their run, enjoy climbing and investigating their environment. Food is a big motivator for them, they really enjoy searching out food that has been hidden! Whilst they don’t enjoy being cuddled they will happily sit while you stroke them and will interact with you in their own rabbit way! A welcome addition to any rabbit loving home. Give this pair their forever home and you won’t regret it!

Perdy (F) HR91

Age: 3 years
Perdy is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Sabrina (F) HR98

Age: 3 years


Sabrina came in with her two sisters and brother. They were an unplanned litter after an accidental incorrect sexing by a pet shop.Unfortunately their owners kept them for ten months before bringing them to us and handled them very little so she is still nervous. She dislikes being caught is not happy being held but is confident in her hutch or run so long as this is not happening. 

She had to be separated from her sisters as she was so aggressive to them and unfortunately she has not been able to tolerate bonding with three different neutered males even thought they have been submissive to her. 

We are therefore looking for a home for her as a single bunny. She could be considered for an indoor or outdoor home and would suit a quiet home without young children with owners who have had rabbits before. The most important aspect of her rehoming is frequent access to a large run (or enclosed indoor space) . She loves the space and freedom of this and chews her way through toys and carboard boxes with great pleasure. She will binky repeatedly when she is in this space and this is a joy to see. She is not suitable for free ranging outside as she is small and quick and would be lost. 

Given time and the right home she will make a good pet for the right person. 

Jack (M) HR141

Age: 6 months
Jack is related to Peach
Must be homed with Peach

Jack and Peach came to us as part of an unplanned litter. They are small/medium bunnies and are friendly although Jack can be nervous if startled or with people he doesn't know. They would be considered for an indoor or outdoor home. 

Peach (F) HR142

Age: 6 months
Peach is related to Jack
Must be homed with Jack

Benny (M) HR143

Age: 6 months
Benny is related to Frankie
Must be homed with Frankie

Benny and Frankie are a friendly pair of small/medium bunnies that came in to use when a breeding plan went wrong. They are suitable for living inside or out and will make great pets

Frankie (F) HR144

Age: 6 months
Frankie is related to Benny
Must be homed with Benny

Jeffrey (M) HR151

Age: 8 months

Jeffrey came into us with a small female bunny after being advertised for nothing on social media. They were taken in by someone who was worried they would end up in the wrong home but she was not able to keep them. The female was already pregnant so they had to be separated. He is friendly but has not been handled much. He could suit an indoor or outdoor home with a neutered female rabbit. He will be ready to go on a bonding trial from 22.3.21