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Long-term residents

HAWS has several elderly residents which will probably stay in their foster homes for the rest of their days. Veterinary bills can be very expensive especially with elderly animals. As little as £5 per week can help feed one of our long-term residents.

Email us about sponsoring one of our animals: sponsor@haws-animals.org.uk

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In memory

This page is a tribute to some of the sadly now-deceased animals who were so kindly sponsored in the past. We will endeavour to leave obituaries up for as long as possible.



Gus was a fantastic chap who was trapped at the end of August 05 – hence the name Gus.
Despite being a little nervous to begin with, he blossomed into a super cat and was rehomed. Unfortunately that made him very unhappy and sad – all he did was hide all the time. Eventually he was re-trapped and returned to his foster home – and he was ecstatic to be back!
On the last day of August 2006 (when else?!) GUS was finally rehomed with a HAWS member who decided to try and take him on. After lots of TLC Gus settled down and began to love his new ‘permanent’ home. Sadly a year after he was adopted – by even stranger coincidence on 31st August 2007, he collapsed and died after suffering a huge seizure. His ashes are scattered where he used to sleep in a sunny spot in his final garden.



Holly was a truly delightful cat. She came into our care when her owner wanted her put to sleep after she suffered a serious accident which left her slightly incontinent when asleep. That would have been a real tragedy as Holly is one of the most intelligent and loving cats that we have ever dealt with. As long as she has her special “Vet Bed” bedding to ensure that she is dry and comfortable and the occasional course of antibiotics to combat bladder infections, she can lead a really happy life. Her specialty is meeting and greeting visitors to her foster home and she is a great favourite with the children passing on their way to school. In the later years of her life she ‘moved into’ the home of an elderly lady near to her foster home where they kept each other company! Holly passed away in 2007.



This very handsome long haired black/white lad has had quite a checkered life, but was a very lucky cat. Some years ago he was trapped and neutered by HAWS on the understanding that his feeder would take him to live indoors as a domestic cat. Sadly and unbeknown to us, this did not happen and last year we were contacted by his feeder to say that Monty’s eyes were extremely infected – could we help again?…
This time HAWS stepped in and took on all his care and we worked hard trying to save his sight. However, he became blind, but was a very happy purry cat in his (HAWS) retirement home.
Monty sadly passed away as a result of his injuries in 2006.



This very old lady was a stray living in a garden and was very poorly when found.
After HAWS rescued her she rallied and enjoyed the warmth, comfort and good food in one of our cat retirement homes.
Alfa passed away in Spring 2006.