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Feral cats

Too wild for rehoming? People often ask where we take in cats from and the answer is in various ways – animals dumped at vet practices we work with, stray cats reported to us that urgently need help, members of the public asking for help in rehoming their cat for […]

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Microchipping of cats becomes compulsory

Compulsory Microchipping for Cats New legislation comes into force in England on June 10th 2024, requiring all cat owners to have their pets microchipped. Owners who don’t comply will be given 21 days to have their cat microchipped, otherwise they could face a fine of up to £500. All HAWS […]

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Georgie appeal

Help us raise £1,500 Among the many requests we receive daily to help rehome or assist with stray or abandoned cats, some stand out as being an emergency.  We had one of these the other day when around 17.30 we received an email from a person who had seen two […]

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Another happy ending Casper has really settled in well. He gets on well with the other cats and whilst not playing with them yet, he does sit and sleep in the same place as them. He also eats with them and there is no animosity. He is a gentle soul […]

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Cassandra & Cressida

Another happy ending Two beautiful, black cats have taken over this household. About five weeks ago Heather took me to collect them and bring them to their new home. They are seven-years’ old and suddenly they had been deprived of the love and care which had been always been theirs […]

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Drax update

This little man is 1 today and being very spoiled. He is such a major part of our life and we can’t thank you enough for him. Lorna and Ian 

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Snowdrop & Frost

An update from Snowdrop Rescue Article There is a previous article about the plight of Snowdrop and her kittens, abandoned heartlessly, rescued on a freezing January night, terrified and sickly. A most inauspicious start in life for all of them, as Snowdrop herself is still very young. Operations were needed […]

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TJ’s 17th Birthday

A happy ending in Germany You probably don’t remember us since you have undoubtedly re-homed many, many cats since we last spoke, but we adopted an elderly cat (we named her TJ) at the start of the pandemic and then moved to Germany that summer. I am just writing to […]

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We adopted Shadow from HAWS in May 2023.   He is a beautiful confident boy and settled in the home within hours. He did not hide and was eating, drinking and using the litter tray within the hour. He loves having his head stroked and playing with toys. Thank you HAWS for […]

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Things go a bit potty

Remember the article about Snowdrop and her kittens? Ice had a prolapsed bowel, and her other boy, Snow, now has his own problems. Snow was not brilliant, health-wise, from the beginning. At 8 weeks, he had to go to hospital as he was unwell, but soon bounced back. That’s when […]

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