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Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Honey (F) HC4115

Age: 16 months

Honey is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat who is looking for a very patient owner who can give her the time and space to realise all humans are not intrinsically bad. She loves her food and home comforts but at the moment is definitely not a lap cat and is not keen on human touch.

Scaredy-cats like Honey can be very rewarding and make very loyal companions when they finally learn to trust their owner.

She would need a quiet adult only home with no other cats as she really doesn't like them which is typical tortie.

Honey is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Scarlett (F) HC4235

Age: 16 months

Scarlett is a lovely sleek black girl who is also a bit of a character.   We took her from an awful place along with her two brothers, who  have since been homed.   

Update from her foster home:

Scarlett has been with us for a few weeks now and has settled in really well.  She loves sitting on laps and will happily fall asleep on you.

She's having great fun with her toys and has some mad moments during the day throwing them about and chasing them.  Like most cats she also likes cardboard boxes and says       "If it fits I sits"

Her passion is food, she isn't greedy with her own food but the minute you have anything she appears and wants to share! 

She is a joy to have and will make someone a  happy cat owner.  

Scarlett has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.


Kirrin (F) HC4285

Age: 12 months



Kirrin was less than a year old when she came into our care heavily pregnant -  the feline version of a teenage mum. She had been reported on social media roaming around the area obviously pregnant.

She gave birth to 5 kittens and now they are weaned, she has been neutered and is looking for her permanent home, away from the kids, who can be a pawful for a single mother.

She's very friendly, laid back, loves batting foil balls and begging for treats.

She'll be very good with children old and informed enough to know what a tailflick means. Her tail is beautifully expressive, as it's impressively long, in contrast to her petite frame.

She doesn't need much attention, and would be comfortable being left alone during the day.

We think she would prefer to be the sole pet in the household.  She is OK living indoors with her fosterer but in time would like to have a safe garden to explore.

Kirrin has been neutered, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped

Squiggle (F) HC4319

Age: 6 months

Squiggle is a dark tortie little girl, with a ginger splash down her nose and little ginger markings on her paws.

She was rescued by HAWS along with her mother (ginger) and uncle as strays and since then she has gone from strength to strength.  She is interested in all things around her and keen to explore.    She is initially shy with people she doesn't know, which can make it tricky to maker her acquaintance!   However she is very loving with her foster mum and generally a happy and confident girl - she will just take a bit of time to get to know you,realise she is safe and then she will bond.  

She likes to chase balls, toss toy mice in the air, purrs magnificently and adores being stroked.    She loves to chase the laser light and looks round for it when she hears the click, and is a clever little thing catching on straight away when her feeding place was moved and now running to it as soon as a packet of food is waved.   

Squiggle would be lovely for an adult household or one with sensible older children.   She would really appreciate lots of attention with play and stroking, and as such would be a good match for a home where there is somebody around much of the time or one where there is already a resident cat who would be happy to interact with her.    Her foster mum is going to be very sad to see her go.  

Squiggle has been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped and is ready for homing.

Rosalie (F) HC4340

Age: 9 months

Rosalie is named after a lady who sadly died and her cat themed jewellery was donated to HAWs to sell to raise funds for the charity.  Her litter of 4 was then give 4 names of red rose varietals. 

Rosalie really is the most delightfully friendly cat and has been a fantastic mother for one so very young when she had her kittens.  She loves people, is desperate to go outside, is confident, playful and talkative if she thinks it will result in food!  She's intelligent and so very good with her babies and has enjoyed playing with them.  Rosalie will be best suited to an active home with children who will play with her and have access to the outdoors. As she has enjoyed playing nicely with her kittens as they get older and sleeping with them we will happily consider a home with an existing male cat. 

Rosa is still very young, and strictly speaking a kitten still herself.  Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her and said how sweet she is and she loves to play too. Her foster owner was a little taken aback when Rosalie recently learnt how to open the fridge when she knew there was cooked chicken in there!!

She will be chipped, spayed and vaccinated before being adopted. 

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page