Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Kirrin (F) HC4285

Age: 20 months

Kirrin was less than a year old when she came into our care heavily pregnant -  the feline version of a teenage mum. She had been reported on social media roaming around the area obviously pregnant.

She gave birth to 5 kittens and now they are weaned, she has been neutered and is looking for her permanent home, away from the kids, who can be a pawful for a single mother.

She's very friendly, laid back, loves batting foil balls and begging for treats.

She'll be very good with children old and informed enough to know what a tailflick means. Her tail is beautifully expressive, as it's impressively long, in contrast to her petite frame.

She doesn't need much attention, and would be comfortable being left alone during the day.

We think she would prefer to be the sole pet in the household.  She is OK living indoors with her fosterer but in time would like to have a safe garden to explore.

Kirrin has been neutered, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped.

Tia (F) HC4381

Age: 17 months

Tia came into our care recently due to a change in her owner's circumstances.  She is a sweet and friendly little girl but can be a little shy with people she doesn't know but this will change once she feels secure and settled in her new home.  She is very partial to catnip so  some catnip toys would make her feel at home when she is adopted.

She would be fine for a family with older children say 8 years and above  as she can nip if she get's excited.    She would be equally happy in an adult only home and would like a secure garden to investigate

Tia is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date with her vaccinations. 

Olive (F) HC4428

Age: 15 months

Olive came into our care as a stray along with her 6 tiny kittens. 

She is an ever-patient, very pretty young mother with beautiful amber eyes.  She is affectionate and loves to lie down next to you, or occasionally on your lap, for a chuck under the chin. She will be a loyal friend.

Olive is looking forward to being looked after herself, having done such an amazing job with her 6 kittens.

She has been spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped ready for homing. 


Rachel (F) HC4476

Age: 20 months
Rachel is related to Gard

Rachel is a sweet, loving but slightly anxious mother cat.  This might disappear when she's not with her kittens as she growls at the front door and is very vocal making sure her kittens are where she wants them or expect them to be!  She loves her kittens and plays with them.  She plays a little with humans but defers to the kittens.  She adores having head rubs, is not yet a lap cat but likes to be near her humans, especially if she thinks there is food involved! 

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page


Rachel will be spayed, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Mr Darcy (M) HC4485

Age: 18 months
Urgent rehoming required

Mr Darcy is a young cat, we think just over a year old.  He'd been visiting someone since April and all through lockdown on an almost daily basis for food and must have had a home at some stage but we have not been able to trace it.

He's very affectionate and throws himself on the ground to show his gratitude for attention - which he loves when he gets it!  He eats well and is a smashing boy who loves to lie on his fosterer's lap and go to sleep, stretching and changing position every so often, sometimes falling off!

He will need to be an only cat as he will not tolerate even the sight of our fosterer's cats.  We think it could be fear rather than aggression, given what he may have been through, but we would not recommend him for a home where there are other resident cats.   

He is very much missing being able to go outside so must go to a home with a secure garden, and it is for that reason that we have marked him for urgent homing.

Mr Darcy has been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  

As an only cat he will make an excellent and companionable pet in an adult-only home or one with children 12+.   He is chatty and responsive, loves treats and zooming around and trying out absolutely everything and everywhere in the home