Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Jet (M) HC4114

Age: 8 months

Hi I’m Jet. But I’m not jet black. I’m dark chocolate actually.

I’m sweet, charming and full of character. I have discovered that I like water, especially the washing up and the bath tub after shower. I am very vocal. I like to say ‘hello’ and ‘no’ any time I want attention and cuddles . I’m very curious too. Whatever you're doing I’m there. I want to check if everything is being done properly.  

 I love playing, literally with everything! Toys, ribbons, balls of  all sizes, bottle caps, paper clips and my favourite are pencils. If I don’t get attention, don’t worry, I will find a teddy to carry to my favourite spot and play with it.  

I don’t have any siblings but I might love to have a partner in crime. Just to  hang around with, have a good wrestling session and watch  cat tv together. 

When you come to visit me, please ask my foster parents to show you my celebrity videos.

Jet is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Pudding (F) HC4172

Age: 18 months

Pudding has been with us for a a couple months and despite a set back in confidence due to some unwelcome eye drops, she’s doing very well! It took her a couple weeks to settle in at first, so her new family will need some patience - but it won’t take long!

She’s now extremely cuddly and affectionate and follows us around like a little shadow. She’s got a wonderful and playful personality and greets us at the door when we come home. She would prefer to be the only cat and part of a family with older children. 

Her colours are gorgeous and she’s got such a pretty face - we can’t wait for her to find her forever family! 

Martha (F) HC4185

Age: 18 months
Martha is related to Muffin

Martha came into our care from a multi-cat household.

Update from foster home - "Mother and daughter are inseparable. Muffin is Martha's only surviving kitten and she is adorable, very playful and confident. Martha is very timid but is getting more confident daily. We can pick her up and she likes to be stroked. She needs time to understand she is loved as she hasn't been before. She will, in time, make a very loyal and loving pet but needs someone who will be patient with her. 

Martha and Muffin must be homed together. They have a very strong bond and Martha needs her daughter as much as Muffin needs her. Can you give this pair the home they deserve? Muffin is chocolate box pretty and Martha is so desperate to be loved. 

We would keep this pair if our resident cat wasn't such a bully".  

Martha will have started her vaccinations, been micro-chipped and spayed before adoption.

Jewel (F) HC4192

Age: 18 months

Jewel was a stray that a kind lady had been feeding in  her garden and was very worried about  her as she suddenly looked very pregnant.  We took her in, thankfully before she had her kittens.  Jewel's stunning golden eyes (so much more gold than amber) were the inspiration for the theme of Gemstones for the litter names.

Jewel is the most loving and friendly cat - she is also very playful when her kittens aren't hogging the toys!  She is attentive to them and doesn't like them being where she can't get to them but is relaxed enough that we are sure this is not her first litter.  If possible, we would like Jewel to be adopted with Fire Opal as they seem quite to enjoy sleeping together the most and Jewel is very kitten like in her play.

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

Alice (F) HC4201

Age: 18 months
Alice is related to Frankie Elliot Gabriel Morgan

Alice was left behind, heavily pregnant, by tenants who moved away.  She gave birth to 4 kittens, Frankie, Elliot, Gabriel and Morgan.  We took them into our care when the kittens were a few days old.

Update from foster home :  Alice has settled incredibly well and has become very bonded to me. She follows me like a little shadow and loves to be petted and brushed. Very unusually for a lactating mum she likes being picked up and purrs loudly when she's being held. She has been an wonderful mum and is now starting to relax and enjoy playing with toys alongside the kittens.

We think a quieter adult home would probably suit her best. 

Alice will have been spayed, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.