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National black cat day 2023

October 27th National Black Cat Day 2023 is a special observance dedicated to celebrating and promoting the adoption of black cats. This day aims to dispel myths and superstitions surrounding black cats and highlight the beauty and uniqueness of these feline companions. It’s an opportunity for cat lovers and animal […]

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Microchipping of cats becomes compulsory

Compulsory Microchipping for Cats New legislation comes into force in England on June 10th 2024, requiring all cat owners to have their pets microchipped. Owners who don’t comply will be given 21 days to have their cat microchipped, otherwise they could face a fine of up to £500. All HAWS […]

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Lucy’s Law

Have you heard of Lucy’s Law? It came into force in 2020 and is a new UK regulation on the sale of kittens and puppies. All dealers and pet shops in England are banned from selling kittens or puppies, effectively wiping out any third party pet sales. This means that that […]

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Feline Pancytopenia

Information from The Royal Veterinary College (RVC): The RVC is investigating the sudden increase in feline pancytopenia in cats in the UK. After noticing an increase in cats presenting with pancytopenia (a severe reduction in all major types of blood cells) in May, we started gathering data from UK vets. […]

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Do gooders and B&Q cats

A number of years ago a member of the public alerted us to stray kittens on the scrubland near the B&Q store by the Chiswick roundabout. In a joint venture with the Ealing branch of Cats Protection (CP) a trapping operation was mounted. It was incredibly difficult as the site […]

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RSPCA closures

10 year strategy of restructuring Last summer (2020) the RSPCA announced proposals which included the closure of Putney Animal Hospital, Southall Cattery and Clinic, the Lockwood Equine Centre and South Godstone Animal Centre. These proposals were presented as part of a ten-year strategy to restructure RSPCA services and make the […]

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