Feral cats


Too wild for rehoming?

People often ask where we take in cats from and the answer is in various ways – animals dumped at vet practices we work with, stray cats reported to us that urgently need help, members of the public asking for help in rehoming their cat for one reason or another etc. And then there are the feral cats which are sadly, in the majority of cases, simply too wild to be able to home as domestic pets.


We have been dealing with one such site since June this year where so far 27 cats have been trapped and most of them returned after being neutered and receiving any medical treatment they need, plus a vaccination to set them on their way. We took in 4 of the kittens from this site to socialise and rehome. 2 have been adopted but we still have Pixie and Pippin for adoption on our website. They are shyer than many kittens, so would do best in a home without children, but they have come a long way since they came in and would adore to find their forever home.

Something we would like to spread the word about is that if you see a stray cat or kittens then we need to get these kittens into a domestic environment by around the age of 7 weeks. Kittens older than that are often simply too fierce to be able to rehome. So, if you see a mum and tiny kittens living in a shed or in the undergrowth, do not disturb them, but call a rescue charity immediately and don’t leave it until they are bigger.