About Us

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

Registered Charity No.: 1065060
Patrons: His Grace The Duke of Northumberland & Gyles Brandreth
Honorary Members: Anna Ford, Celia Hammond, Lady Marina Vaizey

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society has its roots in West London, taking the name from its historical origins in the London Borough of Hounslow (near Heathrow Airport, approx 12 miles west of London). See the ‘Areas of coverage‘ page for more details.

Every year in this district we take in domestic animals which have found themselves in desperate situations, often facing death by starvation after being abandoned, their owners having moved away, lost their jobs/homes, been taken ill, died, or become divorced. Other unwanted animals are turned out after being thoughtlessly given as presents. Some come to us after being rescued from deliberate human neglect and cruelty. Still others are found injured after being hit by vehicles, caught on wire fencing, or hurt in other ways. We deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands of animals, many of these taken into our care for eventual rehoming. Others are helped in various ways, most often with veterinary care. Cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and other mammals all need our help – sometimes even ‘wild’ creatures too.

Genuine loving homes are always being sought by our volunteer rescue staff for animals in our care – both for short term fostering and permanent adoption.

It is our firm policy to arrange neutering of all domestic pets that pass through our hands.

We have a strict non-destruction policy and only ever allow euthanasia if an animal is too seriously ill or injured for any hope of recovery, or where its quality of life is clearly unsatisfactory. We do not put very old cats to sleep just because it is more expedient to do so and we have many “oldies” who enjoy a wonderful life. Neither do we automatically put FIV cats to sleep. Some of these cats never contract the fully blown disease (they remain carriers) and go on to live happy and long lives. We home them either as single cats, or with other FIV cats as indoor cats, or those with secure gardens.

We always need more help with our rescue, fostering, fund raising, and administration work. This is a job which is never completed and we shall always need assistance.

Please contact us now to offer your help

Requests for Financial Assistance – September 2022

Many of us are feeling the effects of the recent price rises which can impact on our ability to care for our pets and we have been receiving requests from private individuals for financial support to pay for veterinary care. Unfortunately, we are not able to help in this way, as we are an animal rescue charity only, and have limited funding. However, there are several other organisations which may be able to help, such as –

The Blue Cross




You may also be able to access help with neutering costs through the C4 scheme, and many local vets provide these services – contact your local veterinary practice to find out if they can help.