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Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Indie (M) HC1208

Age: 11 years

Indie would need to be the only cat, king of his own castle.  As long as he has a cat flap and garden with someone who will stroke him in the evening he should be happy.  So Indie is fine for someone who works full time.

He is quite cheeky and will want to be stroked for a good while and will then let you know he's had enough.    He's a lovely boy, pretty independent and well behaved.   He loves his 'special biscuits' (Dreamies - so new owner must be willing to keep a constant supply!).  He is looking for a friendly, kind, down to earth owner.  He's not been outside before so would need a very secure garden and a home on a quiet road as he's not traffic aware.

Indie is neutered and micro-chipped.

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Marge (F) HC2120

Age: 7 years

Marge is an elegant and playful young cat of about 5/6 years old. Very sleek black with a white diamond on her chest and white patch on her belly.  She will be good with another cat and will probably make friends with him/her first.    Marge has been in foster care for some time and has only recently allowed her foster family to stroke her. She is independent and does her own thing.  She is very outdoorsy and loves climbing trees so will need a garden.  She's very laid back and a lovely natured female and we have enjoyed having her around to see her develop.

Ella (F) HC2208

Age: 10 years

Ella is a friendly, happy little cat who loves people and being the centre of attention.  She has become increasingly outgoing in foster care with us and has discovered the joys of the garden which she absolutely loves.  She has a medical condition called hyperthyroidism which needs to be controlled by taking a tablet each day and Ella is no trouble at all, taking the tablet down happily when it is put in a little wet food. 

Ella really does have a lovely temperament, and is affectionate and curious.  Because she likes people she would probably like to live with humans who are home for part of the day.   She definitely needs a private garden because she loves it so much.  She doesn't like to play - we suspect she never had chance to learn it - so she wouldn't be a good choice of pet for children who want to play with a cat.    We also think she might rather like to be the only pet in a household ... just so she can have you all to herself!

She has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and is looking for a permanent home to call her very own

Whisper (F) HC3212

Age: 4 years

This litte female was part of a stray colony and our intention was to neuter and put her back but after a couple of days at the vets they realised she isn't feral just a little timid but friendly so it wouldn't be right to put her back.

The vet nurses called her Whisper as she's very quiet.  She will probably need a quiet adult only home where she can flourish.

Whisper has been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

Myrtle (F) HC3232

Age: 4 years

Myrtle's story
Well we started in our own commune, we had lots of babies and eventually there were too many of us.  That's when HAWS came along and collected us in small groups.  Myrtle (that's me) and Beauty went first and had our kittens, the kittens have all been adopted as they were all cute.  Beauty was adopted and that left me - I was lonely and miserable, one day Nicola who looked after me and my five kittens moved me and  I met up with five of my cousins or they may possibly be my brothers and sister I really can't remember.  One thing about us is we are all shy and nervous but we do love dinner and treat time, at night we move our beds around the room to confuse Nicola in the morning.  We are all black except Mog who is black and white, the rest of us do have little white hidden markings, mine Is on my  tum.  Let me introduce you there is Little one she is small and cute, we have William he is the biggest, Munro who is the middle one and Midge!  Myself and Little One are the ladies the rest are gents!!  I can't tell you how long it took me to get everybody in one place and to make them sit still for a photo !!!

Li'l Puss (F) HC3358

Age: 4 years

Li'l Puss was a heavily pregnant stray when she was taken in to have her kittens.  She only had one surviving kitten - Velcro - who went to his forever home a while ago now.

Li'l Puss is now about 4 years old. A lady who loves her food, she loves a brush as well  and will purr away at full volume. As she was semi feral she is fine with contact but is not much of a lap cat unless there are a few treats on offer.  However, she does like company and will settle down for a snooze wherever you are. She is looking for a forever home where she can do her own thing but still be pampered. 

Mittens (M) HC3524

Age: 2 years

'Mittens' was never meant to be his life-long name; it was just a means of identifying him while he was a tiny kitten, but somehow it stuck.  It is now completely inappropriate for this fine young fellow, well muscled and athletic.

Mittens belongs to a litter who were already two months old when they were rescued and came into contact with humans for the first time.  He is, therefore, very shy on first meeting new people, and needs to be given lots of time and space to relax and make friends in his own time.  He loves sprawling on an armchair, or sharing the sofa with his Auntie and enjoying tummy rubs.  He also likes to snuggle up on the bed with you, but is not keen on laps (he'd probably squash you if he tried it!) or cuddles.

He will need a garden, as he likes to spend quite a lot of time outdoors.  He is used to living in a multi-cat household, and may be happy to do so in his forever home.

Mittens has been neutered, micro-chipped, and is up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatments. 

Link to video of Mittens going daft with a catnip toy: 

The secpnd photo shows him chilling out in the evening, he knows how to relax and let his guard down!

Heidi (F) HC3660

Age: 2 years

Heidi is a very appropriate name for this pretty little black girl.  She is very shy but fine with other cats.  She came into our care with her kittens.  Mum and kittens were found sheltering under a bush.  Her kittens have all been homed but Heid remains timid although is slowly improving in her foster home in the company of moe confident cats.

She would need a home with very patient quiet people.  She would be an ideal companion for a resident cat who has perhaps lost a companion and is in need of a new friend.

Petal (F) HC3685

Age: 2 years

Petal came into our care with her sister Lady, both were strays and had their kittens in a shed.

She is a very pretty calico but was so timid at first we didn't think we could home her.  She has made progress and will sleep next to her foster mum at night and we think it's time that the sisters had their forever home.

They will need a quiet adult home where they can continue to progress at their own pace.


She is neutered and micro-chipped.

Lady (F) HC3708

Age: 2 years

We took in Lady after she was found in a shed with her kittens.  She has been in foster care every since as she was so timid it wouldn't have been possible to home her.   Lady came in with her sister Petal who was equally timid and a mum to 2 kittens.

They are both still shy but have got to the point where they will sleep beside their foster mum at night.

We feel both are ready for their forever adult only home where they can continue to blossom at their own pace.


Both cats are neutered and micro-chipped.

Sylvester (M) HC3875

Age: 3 years

Sylvester was being fed in someone's garden and he was obviously a very timid stray. His progress has been slow but steady and now  likes to be stroked and have a "chin rub". Sudden movements or loud noises still scare him  a bit.

Having recently moved to a new foster home he been introduced to Carmen who is also looking for her forever home.  She was also a little shy but is friendly now,  She  likes other cats and she more than likes Sylvester, we think they are in love.  They are always sitting together side by side.  It would be wonderful if we could find a home for them together as it would be unfair to separate them now these two have found a special friend in each other.

Both cats would like an adult only home.  

Sylvester is neutered and micro-chipped

Carmen is the pretty black and white slightly fluffy cat in the third photo.  More details on her profile.

Carmen (F) HC3963

Age: 2 years

Carmen is a very pretty young cat with a very impressive fluffy tail.   She was terribly shy and scared when she first came into our care with her three kittens who have all been adopted.

While in her foster home she has made a complete about turn and now loves fuss and attention, to the point where she used to push her kittens out of the way to be first in line for some strokes.

Carmen absolutely loves other cats, she kisses every cat she sees, even if its not always reciprocated!   Since Sylvester moved into the same foster home she has found someone who appreciates her attention.    

We would love them to find their forever homes together as we feel it would be unfair to separate them now she's found her special friend. 

The would need a quiet adult only home where they can continue to blossom.

Carmen is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  Her friend Sylvester is the second photo and more information about him can be found on his profile.