Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Please consider an older cat as they are often calmer, gentler, loving and more grateful!
Black or black and white cats and kittens are nearly always overlooked so please also take this into account.

Rakchan (M) HC3557

Age: 15 months
Rakchan is related to Meo

The name Rakchan in Thai means "love me" .  It seems very apt for him who although shy can be gently stroked.    We're not sure if he's  a pedigree Birman or Siamese or just a genetic throwback to previous generations but he is very handsome with vivid blue eyes.     Somehow he became a stray along with some other kittens who look nothing like him. Rakchan has come a long way from the terrified kitten we took in but is still shy.

We feel it is time for him and his best friend Meo to move on to a quiet and patient adult only home where he can continue to progess at his own pace. 

Meo (M) HC3558

Age: 15 months
Meo is related to Rakchan

Meo is Rakchan't best friend,  They have been together since we took them in as terrified kittens who'd had no human contact.  They are still shy but have made progress and can be gently stroked once they are used to you.

We feel it is time they moved on to a permanent home together.  They are both very handsome boys although completly different in looks.  They are a bonded pair so must be homed together.

They need a quiet adult home wth patient people who will give them all the time they need to continue their progress.

Lois (F) HC3601

Age: 12 months
Lois is related to Clark

Lois is a very pretty girl, who is confident, friendly and absolutely full of beans. She has had the misfortune of having to live with 3 annoying boys all her life, but she has coped admirably with their nuisance behaviour, and is in fact the most boisterous of the lot when she wants to be. All the boys love Lois, and will often come over to her and offer up their heads, so that she can give them one of her special washes. She loves to run around and play chase with her friends too

Lois is of the very firm belief that humans have been put on this planet for the sole purpose of rubbing her belly! She will locate a human, wind around its legs until it stops moving, then perform an intricate dance of forward rolls and headstands to get herself into a position where she is prostrate on her back, legs akimbo, having her belly massaged... and she will stay there until the human tires, purring like a Bugatti! A small sample of this can be seen in the videos below.

Lois has really come out of her shell in her foster home and is growing in confidence all the time. She will just need a little bit of time and patience to settle into a new home before she's charging all around and sprawling on her back for belly time!

Lois has been microchipped, neutered and vaccinated and is ready to make a new family her belly slave. Lois and Clark must be homed together, and will make the perfect pair of cats for a loving and patient family.

Clark (M) HC3603

Age: 12 months
Clark is related to Lois

Clark looks like a big, imposing chap, happily surveying the world he owns from his foster carers knee, but he is in fact a complete and total softie. Although he is getting braver all the time he can still be easily spooked and will then take speedy, evasive action. However, once he knows and trusts you Clark wants nothing more than loads of fuss, and a lap to curl up on for a nice kip. He is always the first one to come over for cuddles and will often get so comfy on your lap that you have to stay so positioned for many hours at a time. Clark is also a talkative chap and will often tell you about his day, or instruct you to stroke and coddle him if you are neglecting your duties. He has a lovely, loud purr that he uses very often. He can be seen in the videos above, lying patiently on his fosterer's leg waiting for attention while his sister Lois is enjoying her belly rub. immediately after the video ends Clark decided that was enough and had a good talk to his human, demanding a bit more fuss for himself. In the second video he's a little more forceful about making sure the attention is shared out!

Clark will be nervous of new people, but he will massively reward the time taken to let him get to know you, as he is a genuinely friendly boy who really enjoys human company, as well as that of his sister, Lois.  

Clarks has been microchipped, neutered and vaccinated and is ready to make a new family his favourite laps to sleep on. Lois and Clark must be homed together, and will make the perfect pair of cats for a loving and patient family.


Jacob (M) HC3610

Age: 11 months
Jacob is related to Marley

This very handsome fellow most commonly goes by the name of Jake or Jakey. He has the most luxurious semi-long fur, with big fluffy white paws and a truly magnificent tail, which he will waft around very proudly at times. One of Jake's favourite things is sleeping, and he is a master practitioner in the kitten art of "floomping", which is the act of going from upright and awake to sprawled out and asleep in one smooth, swift movement. In between proper sleeps and mid-sleep naps, another of Jake's favourite pastimes is indulging in a bit of silent kitten fighting with his brother, Marley. This can seen in the video below of the two of them playing, while a friend gets mesmerised by Jake's glorious tail!

Jake has the loveliest fur to stroke, and he enjoys a bit of fuss from humans he knows, especially a little ear scratch or chin tickle. However, he is still a little shy and will scamper off if approached too quickly, so it's best to let him choose to come to you when he deems that it might be cuddle time... which could coincide with dinner time.

Jake has been microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and is ready to start his life in a loving new home. Jacob and Marley must be homed together, and will benefit from a patient family, who will allow them to blossom into the fantastic cats they will become.

Marley (M) HC3611

Age: 11 months
Marley is related to Jacob

Although formally titled Marley, this little chap has let it be known to his fosterers that he prefers to be called Mooks, or even Mookins at a push! He's a very sweet little boy, with a pretty face, which often gives him the demeanour of a slightly furry otter. Marley is a very playful lad and loves to run around, occasionally carrying a toy in his mouth, or have a silent mime fight with his brother, Jacob. See the video above for an example. He has also developed a very effective escape manoeuvre for whenever he is cornered by a fellow kitten, which involves leaping about 3 feet in the air, with paws splayed out in all directions and then landing with his legs already running, in a Road Runner style!

Mooks is a quiet little fellow, and he will come over to you for a bit of fuss when he wants it, and then arch his back high for a good stroke, and deliver little gentle head-butts to your hand. Like his brother, Marley is still a bit shy especially round new people, but there is a very friendly and playful boy in there just waiting to get out. 

Mooks has been microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and is ready to start his life in a loving new home. Jacob and Marley must be homed together, and will benefit from a patient family, who will allow them to blossom into the fantastic cats they will become.

Bertie (M) HC3625

Age: 21 months
Bertie is related to Basil

Bertie and Basil were born last year as stray kittens.  They have been fed by a nice couple along with other stray cats but these two were keen to come inside and rubbed up against the man's legs at feeding time so certainly not feral.

Bertie is Basil's pal. They play together & are very respectful of whose food bowl is whose. A stunning cat, with black eyeliner eyes. He needs someone with patience to give him a chance. He has become very affectionate with his fosterer but is unsure of other people. He will be a very loyal companion. He would like to go with Basil as he depends on him.

They both love the garden and have decided garden chairs are the best place to have an afternoon snooze.

Update from foster home:  

Bertie has been on the website for quite a long time. He was very timid when he came to us but was improving slowly. He went missing for 24 hrs and when he returned he had a leg injury that was so bad his leg couldn't be saved. He has been 3 legged for about a month now but we are not sure anyone has told him! He gets around just fine and plays with his brother Basil, who he must be homed with.
Could you give this pair their forever home? They are looking for a patient person who will give them a second chance in life. They would love a secure garden so they can chase about.

Basil (M) HC3626

Age: 21 months
Basil is related to Bertie

Basil is Bertie's trusted friend. The more confident of the two, he will become a great pet if given a chance. Loves playing with ping pong balls & charging about. Needs someone with patience to allow him to gain confidence. He comes trotting over when fosterer calls him. Now he is allowed to go out, they both love the garden and have discovered the best place for a snooze in the sunshine is a garden chair.

They are best friends and must be homed together.

Pascale (F) HC3657

Age: 18 months


Pascale is only just over a year old and was living rough on a towpath until a kind house boat owner realised she was heavily pregnant and contacted HAWS.  Her kittens were born on Good Friday and Pascale has been a wonderful mum despite being so young.

She is a sweet petitle little cat and since her kittens have all grown up she has re-discovered her inner kitten. She would make an ideal pet for families with gentle children over 8 years of age.  She's a bit over-whelmed by very small people as she's not been used to them.


Heidi (F) HC3660

Age: 17 months

Heidi is a very appropriate name for this pretty little black girl.  She is very shy but fine with other cats.  She came into our care with her kittens.  Mum and kittens were found sheltering under a bush.  Her kittens have all been homed but Heid remains timid although is slowly improving in her foster home in the company of moe confident cats.

She would need a home with very patient quiet people.  She would be an ideal companion for a resident cat who has perhaps lost a companion and is in need of a new friend.

Arietty (F) HC3682

Age: 15 months

Arietty started off as a terribly shy cat, very jumpy and kept her distance at all times. She only came out from under the sofa at night, hence her name Arietty, just like The Borrowers. However, we soon learnt that The Borrowers put things back when they are finished playing with them....

Since then, Etty has become extremely sociable and affectionate towards us and we now think she is ready for her forever home. 

Etty needs a child free home in a nice, cat friendly residential area with access to the outside world in the shape of a well fenced garden as she has a LOT of playful energy. We truly believe she needs to set her inner huntress/tigress free.

We hope you love her as much as we do!

Marlon (M) HC3712

Age: 7 months
Marlon is related to Brando Jessica

Marlon and Brando are virtually identical apart from the colour of their noses.  They were very timid when they came into our care and have made good progress in their foster homes.  They can be stroked now but don't like to be picked up.

We hope they can be given a chance of a permanent quiet adult only home with people who are happy to be patient with them and let them progress further at their own pace.

Brando (M) HC3713

Age: 7 months
Brando is related to Marlon Jessica

Branco is Marron's brother and they need to be homed together.  They were incredibyly timiid when we first took them in but  have made good progress in their foster home and can be stroked although not picked up yet.

It's tme for them to move on to a quiet adult only home with patient people who will allow them to continue their progress at their own pace.

Jessica (F) HC3714

Age: 7 months
Jessica is related to Marlon Brando

Jessica and Lola are two 6 month old sisters. They are both adorable and very bonded with each other. They love to play andd have lots of energy, they bounce about all over the place. They are very affectionate and will always check in with you then go back to whatever they were doing. Very easy going, good appetites and quite talkative.  Definitely need a garden and obviously a loving home. 

Jessica is the tabby kitten.

The sisters have been spayed, are fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Big Boy Ben (M) HC3736

Age: 21 months
Big Boy Ben is related to Betina

Big Boy Ben is a cuddly looking cat who was very scared when we took him in as a stray but he can now be stroked by his fosterer.  He's very attached to his sister Betina so they would need a home together.

The ideal home for them is a quiet adult only home with patient people who will let them continue to progress at their own pace.

Betina (F) HC3737

Age: 21 months
Betina is related to Big Boy Ben Sarafina Kiara

Betina came into our care along with her five week old kittens and her brother Ben.  She is shy but very sweet and has made progress in her foster home.

She now needs to move on to a permanent home with her brother Big Boy Ben.

They need a quiet adult only home with patient people who will let them progress at their own pace.

Sarafina (F) HC3738

Age: 6 months
Sarafina is related to Betina Kiara

Sarafina came into our care with her stray mum and 3 siblings.  They were quite wary to start with but are gaining in confidence every day. She loves to play with her foster mom and doesn’t mind being stroked while eating. She is still a bit wary of strangers, but as long as you are willing to play with this bouncy blue eyed girl, it won’t take long to win her trust. She also started rewarding her human with purrs whenever they get treats. She's a very pretty pure white kitten and have to be homed with her sister Kiara

They have been treated for fleas and worms, had all their vaccinations and are micro-chipped. Could go to a family with older sensible children.

Kiara (F) HC3741

Age: 6 months
Kiara is related to Betina Sarafina

Kiara is related to Sarafina, Kimba and Aslan although she looks completely different.  She has lots of toys to choose from but has decided a toilet roll is a great place to sit and something nice and soft to shred !!  She’s been watcing too many Andrex adverts. She is a delightful, playful bundle of fluff and although she took a few days to gain confidence with her new foster mom, she now doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled. This beautiful girl should be homed with her sister Sarafina.

They have been treated for fleas and worms, had all their vaccinations and are micro-chipped. Could go to a family with older sensible children.

Lexi (F) HC3750

Age: 6 months
Lexi is related to Lap cat Lola
Must be homed with Lap cat Lola

Lexi came into our care when her feral mother was trapped to be spayed, she is very timid with strangers but sleeps on foster mum's bed and in time will learn that humans provide the things she needs. She really should be called Houdini as she has successfully escaped from two foster homes and returned of her own accord, her foster mum thinks she must have borrowed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak to escape and she is definitely a character .

As she comes from a feral colony she needs to be homed with another kitten, Lola a black female is from the same colony and they have formed a close bond we believe they are cousins. She needs a home where she is given time to learn to trust humans. Our experience tells us that shy kittens often prove the most rewarding if given time.

She has been microchipped, spayed,had her vaccinations & been treated for fleas & worms

She must be homed with her 'cousin' Lola 3757 and is best suited to an adult only household

Lap cat Lola (F) HC3757

Age: 6 months
Lap cat Lola is related to Lexi
Must be homed with Lexi

If you are looking for a lap cat look no further Lola loves laps and all human contact although she may be shy initially. She came into our care with two other cats from the same feral  colony, she is very attached to Lexi a kitten of a similar age who we believe to be her cousin and she must be homed with her.

Lola is a very petite black cat but she is very brave always being the first to explore and loves to play and generally get up to mischief, she is very easy to handle and loves cuddles.

She has been microchipped, had both vaccinations and been treated for fleas & worms and will be spayed when she is a little bigger.

She must be homed with Lexi 3750 as they are closely bonded and is best suited to an adult only household

Angel and her 4 kittens (F) HC3829

Age: 14 months
Angel and her 4 kittens is related to Archie

Angel had her 4 kittens in a garden shed.  They were being fed by the people who lived there and their young daughter could stroke some of them.  Mum is shy but certainly not feral.  The kittens are all a little shy at the moment but certainly young enough to become friendly and socialised.  There is one black kitten and 3 black and white kittens in the litter.  Photos and more information to follow.

Update:  There are 2 boys and 2 girls in this litter.  Archie, Seraph, Malukh and Cherub.

Mitzi (F) HC3864

Age: 16 months

Meet Mitzi.  Don't let that serious little face fool you, she is a purr machine.   She is a very freindly young tortoiseshell and white mum who came into our care with her 2 kittens, Alfie and Edie. She was discovered in a shed with her kittens and we thought we would need to trap her as she was probably feral, but in fact she was so friendly we just picked her up and popped her into a basket.

However there is something that's a mystery.  Mitzi has been ear-tipped which indicates she was trapped and taken to a vet as a feral stray for neutering and then taken back to where she came from. An ear tip indicates a feral cat has been neutered.   Mitzi obviously wasn't neutered otherwise Alfie and Edie wouldn't exist. She isn't feral and shouldn't have been left homeless. We only return a cat to it's original location if we are certain he or she isn't homeable.  We've explained this so that potential adopters understand why she is missing the tip of one ear. 

Mitzi didn't have an easy time before coming into our care and she deserves to find her forever home.   She has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped