Pumpkin Rescue


We have been dealing with a colony of cats and kittens in Southall for some time, having neutered what we thought was all of them! However, a nice lady is feeding them in her garden and the numbers have started to increase.

We were called urgently about two tiny tortie kittens of about 8 weeks old and managed to catch them (now called Feisty and Frozen) and more importantly there was this terribly sad and unwell looking little ginger of about four months old who was also there. Because he was so poorly we managed to trap him right away and rushed him to our vet, mentioning that he was semi feral.

This was what the vet nurse said:

“he was in an awful state covered in his own faeces which had burnt the skin on his back legs. His whole back end had to be completely shaved so that we could treat the skin. He has needed twice daily cream treatments and antibiotic and steroid cover for the last 3 weeks. He is gradually becoming a less timid boy and not as feral as first thought. We have called him Pumpkin as he came in over Halloween and he now loves being chatted to and is very sweet natured”

Pumpkin is so much better now and likes a head scratch and a good brush. We are looking for a quiet home where he will benefit from a very patient person to bring him on as he is still very shy. 

To adopt please check our adoption requirements and then submit our online form.