A Fabulous Foster Mum

Treacle and her kittens
Treacle and her kittens

Treacle is a young female calico tortie cat. A householder in the street where she was living as a stray contacted us for help as Treacle was heavily pregnant. She came to us and a few days later gave birth to a litter of 4 beautiful ginger kittens.

Fast forward 3 weeks and another heavily pregnant tortie came into our care. She gave birth to 6 kittens overnight but tragically 5 of them died leaving just one, and the very young mother cat simply wasn’t interested or didn’t know what to do. The very best thing for a new born kitten is to be raised by its mother. Hand rearing by humans requires round the clock bottle feeding and doesn’t always have the results you would hope for. 

The tiny kitten was a ginger …would Treacle accept it and look after it? It was worth a try. Treacle sniffed the little creature and scooped it towards her to suckle. That was six weeks ago and she continues to raise it as her own.

Above is a picture of Treacle with her own babies plus the tiny one and below is a link to a video clip of her caring for it.