TJ’s 17th Birthday

A happy ending in Germany

You probably don’t remember us since you have undoubtedly re-homed many, many cats since we last spoke, but we adopted an elderly cat (we named her TJ) at the start of the pandemic and then moved to Germany that summer. I am just writing to you because it is actually TJ’s 17th birthday today and she is currently enjoying the warm weather on our balcony. She has truly been a blessing and we just wanted to, one more time, thank you for making the adoption possible and we thought you might like to know that she is still doing really well and is very much loved. I attached a few photos that hopefully reflect that 🙂

Kat and Chris 

The background to this is that Katharina contacted us regarding fostering during the pandemic. It just so happened that they lived in the flats opposite one of our volunteers. They decided to return to Germany but by that time had fallen in love with TJ and asked to adopt her. She is now 17 and doing really well. 

She was originally a stray handed into the vets in Old Isleworth.