Things go a bit potty

Remember the article about Snowdrop and her kittens?

Ice had a prolapsed bowel, and her other boy, Snow, now has his own problems.

Snow was not brilliant, health-wise, from the beginning. At 8 weeks, he had to go to hospital as he was unwell, but soon bounced back. That’s when the fun started. He dribbles constantly, has strange mannerisms and behaviour, and is not growing as he should. He also would not use a litter tray.

We then realised that he was addicted to water. He loved to play in his water bowl, splashing it around everywhere and getting everything really soggy. Then the real weirdness started. Snow started peeing and pooing in his water bowls! We tried all the usual remedies – different types of litter – transfer of smells etc and none worked.  Two water bowls………thanks, I’ll use both, he said!

So, thinking laterally, we got him a potty. Couldn’t choose the colour, and it came in pink!  Not that this fazed Snow. The minute we put it in his pen with some water in it, he used it!

We’ve since diagnosed that Snow’s health problems are quite serious – he has something called a ‘liver shunt’, which means that toxins aren’t filtered out of all his blood.  This causes the symptoms he is experiencing – whether that includes the water toileting, we can’t say.

Snow has been on medication, and is much better – he is now strong enough for his op, which will be quite complicated (and expensive). This will be undertaken soon by our wonderful vets. In the meantime, Snow has actually used a litter tray on occasion (not his own!) but still prefers the water option!

We will keep you posted on his progress.

CW 12/5/23

A little Snow Update – 16th June 2023

We promised to keep you posted on Snow’s progress so here’s an update.

As you know, Snow has something called a #LiverShunt. Well, he has had his operation! It was a complicated procedure, but it went very well and he came through it with flying colours. He was closely monitored as post-surgery complications could include fits, fluid build-up, and problems with the liver and kidneys. However, Snow was doing what a young cat should – eating, peeing, pooing, and being a general little so-and-so. A few days later, however, the vet team became concerned that his tummy was getting bigger, and a scan revealed that fluid was beginning to collect in his abdomen. This meant that the liver was having a bit of trouble dealing with the increased blood flow. If this continued, he would need an immediate operation to reverse the first procedure. It was therefore decided to refer him to a specialist hospital as an emergency case.

Thankfully, the Royal Veterinary College were able to take Snow immediately. He was whisked through for assessment, and we gave a full history and were given an estimate of the likely cost of treatment (gulp!). We had to leave him there for treatment. The wonderful volunteers who drove him to the hospital didn’t get home until 3am!The RVC were great – Snow was treated and had regular tests and scans. We received daily updates on his progress and were included in any decisions regarding his treatment. They also tested the fluid for infection, and thankfully it was clear and after a few further days, it began to dissipate. By the Monday, Snow was well enough to come back home.

Since coming back to Acton, he’s been doing very well. He is being monitored regularly and is almost back to normal – or as normal as possible for Snow. Snow will stay with us for a while longer to monitor him as the ‘repair’ continues to heal, and also keep an eye out for any developing complications. We’ll give another update soon. Thank you to everyone who was involved with this rescue mission, we are eternally grateful!