Rescue of Snowdrop and her kittens

We are quite often asked to help with cats that have been dumped and here is a story of a recent example:

A broken cat carrier basket wrapped, and tied, in two plastic bags was found to contain a mum cat and 3 of her babies. It was when the weather was absolutely freezing, they had no ventilation and were just terrified. The worst thing was they were just added to a big pile of rubbish bags and could so easily have been missed.

The young mother cat, now called Snowdrop, is ready for homing and appears on our website. The kittens were sniffly, had sticky eyes and were full of fleas.

Let me tell you about one of them, now known as Ice:

Little Ice was found to have a prolapsed bowel and rushed to a vet hospital where a repair was made. Unfortunately just a few days later he managed to get his stitches out and a second prolapse operation was undertaken. This went well and Ice is being monitored at a vet practice and doing really well considering what he has been through. He is an absolute darling and really lively.

Update on Snowdrop & Frost June 2023