Snowdrop & Frost

An update from Snowdrop Rescue Article

There is a previous article about the plight of Snowdrop and her kittens, abandoned heartlessly, rescued on a freezing January night, terrified and sickly. A most inauspicious start in life for all of them, as Snowdrop herself is still very young. Operations were needed for all the kittens, and expert compassionate care, which they have received in abundance from HAWS.

Last year my two cats, Molly and Meg, adopted from HAWS in 2006, died from old age after giving me many years of joy and companionship. So, at the end of April, after re-applying to HAWS, and having careful, thoughtful vetting from Heather, Snowdrop and one of her kittens, Frost, came to my home on 27th April. They were still suffering from the appalling trauma of such callous abandonment, and perhaps earlier unknown suffering, and for several days they hid behind my washing machine, only emerging at night to eat ravenously and run ceaselessly round the house, causing havoc. After two weeks of this chaos and a dread of what I was going to find each morning, I felt that it was not possible to keep them as it was clear they were not happy with me, and the breakages and turmoil seemed as if it would never stop. So I contacted Heather, who was sympathetic and understanding, and later, Sarah, also immensely kind and helpful, came to my home to discuss the situation.

Then, almost imperceptibly at first, four weeks after their arrival, a miracle began to manifest itself. Mother and daughter began to cautiously appear and explore the house in the daytime, and at last I was able to see them properly. The back of the washing machine was no longer sought as a refuge, the havoc was not so great, and the night came when they both jumped on to my bed and made themselves comfortable. They suddenly displayed constant, inordinate appetites and started to appear whenever I put food in their dishes. One wonderful day came when Snowdrop wrapped herself round my ankles, purring loudly. Frost was more wary but still made herself cosy on my bed, tussling with Snowdrop for her turn to be stroked by me.

They developed an affinity with the vacuum cleaner, and sometimes chased it while I was using it to clear up their chaotic life style, and began to appear downstairs more frequently, watching anything I was doing with great interest. Snowdrop even allowed me to pick her up, although Frost disdained such contact, and ran in fear if I walked towards her. Everything had to be done on her terms. One can only guess at the early treatment that had made a kitten so anxious.

Moving house

I have to move house as my knees and the specialist demand that I live on one level, and today, June 4th, Sarah and Naomi came to collect my new friends. Living through the chaos and disturbance of a house being packed up and unpacked the other end would be too much for them to endure. I know that they couldn’t have better care than that from Naomi, but I felt tearful when I saw Snowdrop and Frost driven away. There is comfort to be gained from the fact that once my move to a bungalow is accomplished in a couple of months, I might be allowed to have these two rascals back again, to live with me permanently. That is my dearest wish: I have fallen in love with these two beautiful, characterful friends.

I am so grateful and appreciative of all the altruism and wisdom that HAWS unstintingly offer in their care of vulnerable beings, and those who wish to adopt, and can only give a heartfelt thank you, and a plea to have Snowdrop and Frost back when I have moved. The bungalow backs on to open land, a veritable heaven of exploration for these energetic cherubs.

The old adage states that a person who is kind to animals is a good person: HAWS has more than its fair share of such people, proving the truth of such axioms!

Judy Darby


I kept waking in the night and listening for them, and this morning, giving that room, their refuge a good clean, seemed almost treacherous, wiping away their identity. The house is not the same without them. How is it possible that they could have won my love in such a short while and after causing so much chaos?