Rabbit tales

Harry and Meghan 

Harry & Meghan (Rabbits)
Harry & Meghan

After a difficult start this nervous brother and sister adjusted well to life together and settled in their foster home to life as a duo. They were two of four siblings from an unplanned litter who came to us at 10 months old having never been handled. Quick and energetic bunnies, we were looking for a home with a large hutch and run but as they weren’t suitable for very young children (and not being lops or lionheads) they were always overlooked. They were fostered with us for two and a half years but we were thrilled when they were finally homed together to a free-range indoor home. Their new owner is delighted with them and is astonished that no one wanted them before. It’s so reassuring to see that there is the right home out there for every bunny.

Jessie and Max

Jessie & Max

Jessie is a 6 year old white lionhead rabbit who came into foster care with poor teeth, eye discharge and underweight with swollen teats.  When we had her spayed the vet found she had womb cancer which was the cause of the teat problem. Thankfully our amazing vet was able to remove the tumour, but Jessie has an uncertain future and will likely stay with us in permanent foster care. Max came in about the same time having been dumped with a relative by his owner. Neither rabbit had been paired before but they took to each other immediately and are now a settled pair. Jessie is doing very well, has gained weight and energy so we are keeping everything crossed.  

This is what our fosterer, Jenni, had to say  “I’ve been fostering rabbits now for 4 years. This weekend I’ve really felt like I have made a difference, this pair are aged 4 & 6 and neither has ever lived with another rabbit or been outside. They have paired perfectly and are so happy to be together for their twilight years.”

Rabbit adoption

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