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How Hounslow Animal Welfare Lottery works

Playing Hounslow Animal Welfare Lottery with The Weather Lottery gives you the chance to both raise funds for us* and potentially win a huge £25,000 jackpot every week!
*A minimum of 37% of money raised by you comes directly to us. The remainder is split between the prize fund and the cost of operating the lottery.
When you join, you’ll be given a unique 6 digit number for each entry. The Lottery results are based on the temperatures published in the Daily Mail newspaper each week. If your numbers match in the right order, you will win the jackpot of £25,000!
Here’s an example:

Example Weather Lottery Results

Based on this, the winning lottery numbers would be:

Each week the results will be published on the Weather Lottery Results Page and on their twitter account.

Win the £25,000 Weekly Jackpot

If your numbers match the draw result, you scoop the lottery jackpot prize of £25,000 – and it won’t be shared!

  • Match 6 and win the £25,000 Jackpot
  • Match 5 and win £250
  • Match 4 and win £20
  • Match 3 and win £2

If you win a prize, we’ll send you a cheque to your registered address.

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When you join, you will be given a lucky 6 digit number for each entry. So, buying two lines rather than one, will double your chance of winning.
The quickest way to get started is to select ‘Pay by Card‘ and this will both select us as your chosen charity and take you direct to our online form. If you prefer to do things offline, please download the registration form and send it off (free post).

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You can view the full terms and conditions on The Weather Lottery website.