An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirments page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.

Percy (M) HR87

Age: 22 months
Percy is related to Perdy
Must be homed with Perdy

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted every morning by this fun loving pair!
Percy and Perdita are always the first to give a warm welcome and to see what adventures the day will bring!
They love being active in their run, enjoy climbing and investigating their environment. Food is a big motivator for them, they really enjoy searching out food that has been hidden! Whilst they don’t enjoy being cuddled they will happily sit while you stroke them and will interact with you in their own rabbit way! A welcome addition to any rabbit loving home. Give this pair their forever home and you won’t regret it!

Perdy (F) HR91

Age: 22 months
Perdy is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Caramel (M) HR104

Age: 14 months
Caramel is related to Humbug
Must be homed with Humbug

Caramel and Humbug are two bouncy brothers who are very food driven. They are friendly although Caramel is less keen to be caught. They came to us as part of a group of six siblings. They will make very cheery pets. They live at present with their half brother Rolo so we would also consider rehoming as a trio if someone was interested in a group.

Rolo (M) HR105

Age: 13 months

Rolo came to use with his two brothers, sister and two half-brothers who were being kept together. He is presently in with his two half brothers but would suit moving on to a home with a neutered female bunny and making a new pair. He is easy to handle but still unused to it so would suit pairing with a confident female

Humbug (M) HR106

Age: 14 months
Humbug is related to Caramel
Must be homed with Caramel

Twitch (M) HR112

Age: 21 months
Twitch is related to Bolt
Must be homed with Bolt

Twitch and Bolt are two small lop brothers. We were told they are Mini Lops but they appear to be Holland Lops. They are well settled together but Twitch is the more dominant. Bolt had malocussed incisor teeth (common in small lops) and we have had to remove them as they grew too quickly to keep under control. He recovered very well and is gaining weight and eating much more easily now. They are very sweet and gentle and will make great pets.

Bolt (M) HR113

Age: 21 months
Bolt is related to Twitch
Must be homed with Twitch

Ron (M) HR117

Age: 10 months

Ron came to us with his sister Ginny. Unfortunately they had not been neutered and so had bred. He has now been neutered and is looking for a home with a small neutered female. He is still not a fan of being caught but is friendly if not being held. 

Ginny (F) HR118

Age: 10 months

Ginny came to us with her brother Ron. Unfortunately they had not been neutered and so had bred. Like most first rabbit litters the babies did not survive. She has now been neutered and is looking for a home with a small neutered male. She is still rather shy but will interact if she feels safe.