An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirments page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.

Percy (M) HR87

Age: 2 years
Percy is related to Perdy
Must be homed with Perdy

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted every morning by this fun loving pair!
Percy and Perdita are always the first to give a warm welcome and to see what adventures the day will bring!
They love being active in their run, enjoy climbing and investigating their environment. Food is a big motivator for them, they really enjoy searching out food that has been hidden! Whilst they don’t enjoy being cuddled they will happily sit while you stroke them and will interact with you in their own rabbit way! A welcome addition to any rabbit loving home. Give this pair their forever home and you won’t regret it!

Perdy (F) HR91

Age: 2 years
Perdy is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Harry (M) HR95

Age: 2 years
Harry is related to Meghan
Must be homed with Meghan

After difficult individual starts this lovely brother and sister have adjusted well to life together and have settled easily as a duo. 
They are quick and energetic and love to find hiding spots so require a fully secure garden and run. They can be shy towards people so require confident handling, however with love and tlc will make a fabulous, fun pair for a home with older children or adults.

Meghan (F) HR96

Age: 2 years
Meghan is related to Harry
Must be homed with Harry

Sabrina (F) HR98

Age: 2 years


Sabrina came in with her two sisters and brother. They were an unplanned litter after an accidental incorrect sexing by a pet shop.Unfortunately their owners kept them for ten months before bringing them to us and handled them very little so she is still rather nervous but does tolerate being handled. 

She had to be separated from her sisters as she was so aggressive to them and unfortunately she has not been able to tolerate bonding with three different neutered males even thought they have been submissive to her. 

We are therefore looking for a home for her as a single bunny. She would be better in an indoor home as she will always be alone and would suit a quiet home without young children with owners who have had rabbits before. Given time and the right home she will make a good pet for the right person. 

Caramel (M) HR104

Age: 21 months

Caramel is a bit of a lad. He loves his food and having grown up with two brothers he tends to pile into things with all four feet. He can nip when overexcited but is a good guy at heart. He would suit pairing with a strong-minded medium sixed female bunny  

Rolo (M) HR105

Age: 20 months
Rolo is related to Humbug
Must be homed with Humbug

Rolo and Humbug are a pair of lively brothers who came into us with their four other siblings. They had a pretty dreadful start but have grown and thrived with some TLC. They would suit an indoor or outdoor home but need space and stimulation. They would be better with an experienced rabbit owner and only with children over twelve.

Humbug (M) HR106

Age: 21 months
Humbug is related to Rolo
Must be homed with Rolo

Ron (M) HR117

Age: 16 months

Ron came to us with his sister Ginny. Unfortunately they had not been neutered and so had bred. He has now been neutered and is looking for a home with a small neutered female. He is still not a fan of being caught but is friendly if not being held. 

Holmes (M) HR120

Age: 18 months
Holmes is related to Watson
Must be homed with Watson

Holmes and Watson are a friendly pair of small brothers. They came to us via ARC from a multiple rabbit home and were matted and dirty. They have now been neutered and immunised and are ready for a fun new home. Watson had very overgrown and twisted front teeth which had to be removed but he never stopped eating and is better off without these. Holmes is shyer than Watson but both are very food driven so will make good pets

Watson (M) HR121

Age: 18 months
Watson is related to Holmes
Must be homed with Holmes

Axel (M) HR122

Age: 9 months
Must be homed with Acorn

Axel and Acorn were left behind in a flat after the owners moved out and thankfully the caretaker spoke to a neighbour who alerted us. They are young and friendly and would suit an indoor or an outdoor home. 

Acorn (M) HR123

Age: 9 months
Must be homed with Axel

Diego (M) HR124

Age: 5 years
Diego is related to Blue
Must be homed with Blue

Diego and Blue are a very sweet pair of mini-lop brothers who came to us when their owner's situation changed. They were indoor bunnies and would suit an indoor environment well. They have found the change to hutch life hard but have the lovely gentle temeprament of mini-lops so will make excellent pets given the right home. 

Blue (M) HR125

Age: 5 years
Blue is related to Diego
Must be homed with Diego

Atticus (M) HR126

Age: 13 months

A friendly, gentle and sweet natured rabbit. Atticus adores being stroked and interacting with you. Atticus will sit happily for as long as you let him while his nose is stroked. He will play and binky as soon as he is out of his cage. He has not been able to cope with being an outside rabbit. An indoor home is a must. He has managed well in his foster home with 3 children and all the daily noisy life that goes with it. We are looking for a home with a neutered female to bond with. A brilliant addition to any rabbit loving home.

Georgio (M) HR127

Age: 6 years
Georgio is related to Coco
Must be homed with Coco

Special Home Needed

Coco and Georgio are a Netherland Dwarf brother and sister who have come into us after what appears to be a few homes. 

Unfortunately due to bad advice Coco was not spayed until she came into our care and during her spay we found she had a tumour in her womb. This is common in unspayed rabbits and can be avoided by neutering when they are young.  

The good news is that we think we removed the whole tumour and there did not appear to be any spread that the vet could see at the time of operation. 

So we are looking for a home for these two for the rest of their lives. We cannot predict what will happen to Coco but she is very well at present. 

They are a nervous but gentle pair and we would like to find them a home where they can be spolit rather than staying in foster. They are older but would respond well to a home where they could be the only rabbits. We would consider indoor or outdoor homes but they would be best suited to a indoor home. 

Coco (F) HR128

Age: 6 years
Coco is related to Georgio
Must be homed with Georgio