An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirments page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.

Leonard (M) HR35

Age: 4 years

Leonard is an Orange Harlequin lop who came in orginally with a bunny called Sheldon. They rehomed to a family who unfortunately had to move to a flat and could not take them there. Then Sheldon passed away just before they came back to us. 

Leonard then found himself a great home with a female mini-lop but whilst pairing developed an ear base abscess and had to come back. This was particularly sad as the pairing was going well. 

We have trialled all the treatment options available for ear abscesses including those suggested by a bunny-specialist vet but he seems to have developed a chronic swelling there. This doesn't seem to bother him at all. He drinks a lot and pees a lot which may explain why he has never managed to get rid of this abscess. We keep him on a low sugar diet and he keeps his weight steady (if perhaps a little tubby). 

We are looking for a bunny-mad home for him as he does have some potential issues and would like to see him paired with a female (perhaps an older bunny or one with some medical issues of her own?). He is a character and has been very good about all the regimes of attempted treatment. It would be great to find him a home with someone with plenty of time for him,

Gizmo (M) HR76

Age: 3 years

Gizmo is a very active and intelligent bunny. He was being kept in a small hutch in a bedroom and is now ready to explore the world. He loves being out in a run and is into everything. He is not a fan of being picked up and this will take time but has learnt to hop into a end-opening cat carrier to be moved from hutch to run. He is interested and does not bite but any handling is very much on his terms and he will struggle. 

He would be better with experienced rabbit owners and may take time to pair. He would suit a small to medium well-handled neutered female who he could learn from. 

Bertie (M) HR82

Age: 23 months

Bertie was given in to one of our fosterers so we don't know much about his first few months. It is likely he was an impulse purchase. He has got some "small bunny" issues and can be grumpy about being handled but has improved greatly since he has been with us.

He is now ready for a new home with a small neutered female.

Percy (M) HR87

Age: 11 months
Percy is related to Perdy
Must be homed with Perdy

Percy and Perdy must have one of out most ususal rehoming stories. 

They were both found stray on the same road in Perivale but three months apart. Percy was found in January and Perdy in April. 

They appear to be the same age and to look at them they are obviously brother and sister. Percy has the broader nose stripe and Perdy has some brown fur at the base of her ears but otherwise they are almost identical. 

Domestic rabbits don't do well as strays so both of these must have got out a few hours before they were found. But they appear to be well looked after and were always friendly. 

Postings on local websites and asking neighbours hase given no idea of where they came from. 

They are a very classy pair now settled together and so we are looking for an amazing new home for them from which they will never be allowed to stray again.  

Perdy (F) HR91

Age: 11 months
Perdy is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Emily (F) HR93

Age: 21 months

Emily is a large and gentle French Lop who has come into us rather overweight. She has been a much loved houserabbit and has lived with a cat before. She could be considered for an indoor or outdoor home but French lops being a giant breed she cannot be homed to a hutch home. She will need a garden shed or similar. We would be looking to pair her with a large neutered male.

Alfie (M) HR100

Age: 3 years

Alfie was a much loved house bunny whose family rehomed him due to a move to a flat where they felt he could not have a good life. He is friendly and inquisitive. 

His coat needs some work which we are doing in stages but he is otherwise ready to look for a new home with a neutered lady bunny.