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Martha (gerbil) (F) HO41

Age: 14 months
Martha (gerbil) is related to Muffin (gerbil)

Martha came into us with an adult male gerbil and ten of their semi-adult offspring after we noticed them advertised for free on a website. She was already pregnant again and had another two babies with us. Thankfully due to help from another local charity and kind experts we were able to separate the sexes and find homes for the male and all their babies and so are left with Martha and her youngest daughter Muffin. Martha is confident whereas Muffin is still nervous. Like all gerbils they are friendly but quick and therefore suited to older child or adult homes. Gerbils need space so these will only rehome to people with large converted aquariums or specific gerbil housing. These will need to be at least three feet in length and allow for a burrowing depth of at least eight inches.