Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

Nelson (M) HG85

Age: 6 months
Nelson is related to Juno

Nelson and Juno are a pair of fun and active brothers. They do not bite and are great with children. They can still be timid at times but make up for this with their sweet vocalisations. They are more settled as a pair than a trio and their brother Dave has gone to another pairing meaning that they will only need our usual recommended 1.2m cage. 

Juno (M) HG86

Age: 6 months
Juno is related to Nelson

Rosie (F) HG90

Age: 14 months

Rosie is a shy but sweet guinea pig who came in with a male who has now been rehomed. They were taken to Heathrow to fly with their owners but they did not have the correct paperwork and were abandoned at the animal reception centre. Thankfully she wasn't pregnant and so is now ready to find a new home with another female or a neutered male. 

Poppy (F) HG91

Age: 14 months
Poppy is related to Molly
Must be homed with Molly

Poppy and Molly are mother and daughter who were left at Heathrow Animal Reception with three other guinea pigs when their owner did not have the correct paperwork to fly with them. 

They are an active pair who love running circuits around their cage and would suit a home where they could have plenty of time outside their cage exploring in a safe environment to wear off their energy. They are still a bit shy but will make good pets with some extra handling.