Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

Walter (M) HG94

Age: 19 months
Walter is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Walter and Percy are a cheerful pair of boys that came to us after they were bought by someone who did not have the time to care for them. They are still a bit shy but coming out of themselves and with some handling will make great pets

Percy (M) HG95

Age: 19 months
Percy is related to Walter
Must be homed with Walter

Holly (F) HG100

Age: 4 years
Holly is related to Jingles
Must be homed with Jingles

Holly and Jingles are a very closely bonded and friendly pair of guinea pigs who have come in as their owner no longer had the time to look after them. They will make perfect pets and being a bit older are more chilled than some younger pigs

Jingles (F) HG101

Age: 4 years
Jingles is related to Holly
Must be homed with Holly

Stacey (F) HG102

Age: 12 months
Stacey is related to Nessa
Must be homed with Nessa

Stacey and Nessa are a very amusing pair of young guineas. They were not handled much in their previous home but are settling well in their foster home. Unlike their namesakes Stacey is much larger than Nessa but Nessa holds her own. They will make good pets for someone with the time to get to know them. 

Nessa (F) HG103

Age: 12 months
Nessa is related to Stacey
Must be homed with Stacey

Renee (F) HG104

Age: 3 years

Renee is a sweet and shy guinea pig who came in to us as her family could no longer look after her. She is looking for a home with another female or a neutered male guinea pig.