Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

Nelson (M) HG85

Age: 7 months
Nelson is related to Jupiter

Nelson and Jupiter are a very active pair or brothers. They were not handled much before they came to us and are still not keen. They will need an experienced home with a large cage and plenty of toys to distract them from their teenage squabbles. They will become great pets but are a work in progress.

Jupiter (M) HG86

Age: 7 months
Jupiter is related to Nelson

Poppy (F) HG91

Age: 15 months
Poppy is related to Molly
Must be homed with Molly

Poppy and Molly are mother and daughter who were left at Heathrow Animal Reception with three other guinea pigs when their owner did not have the correct paperwork to fly with them. 

They are an active pair who love running circuits around their cage and would suit a home where they could have plenty of time outside their cage exploring in a safe environment to wear off their energy. They are still a bit shy but will make good pets with some extra handling. 

Molly (F) HG93

Age: 17 weeks
Molly is related to Poppy
Must be homed with Poppy

Walter (M) HG94

Age: 6 months
Walter is related to Percy
Must be homed with Percy

Walter and Percy are a cheerful pair of boys that came to us after they were bought by someone who did not have the time to care for them. They are still a bit shy but coming out of themselves and with some handling will make great pets

Percy (M) HG95

Age: 6 months
Percy is related to Walter
Must be homed with Walter