Pedal for Paws results

Thank you to Pets at Home

We have been very lucky to have continued as the ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2021 in both the Brentford and Richmond branches of Pets at Home. We were thrilled to receive just over £1,000 from the Pets at Home Foundation as a result of the summer ‘Pedal for Paws’ charity fundraising in these two stores.

Thank you Pets at Home and customers – We and all the animals really appreciate it!

Thank you for supporting Pedal for Paws

The results by branch were as shown below. The first number is half the sum raised by the store, which we received because we met all the social media posting requirements. The other half goes as usual into the Pets at Home foundation to be awarded via grant applications. The second figure of a £250 bonus per store was awarded because the staff consistently asked customers to scan their VIP card at the till.

  • Brentford team secured – £307.29 Pedal For Paws donation + £250.00 VIP cash bonus
  • Richmond team secured – £264.02 Pedal For Paws donation + £250.00 VIP cash bonus

Our Rabbit and Small Animal Co-ordinator commented that the bunnies are loving the swanky feeding hay he got them with the last voucher.

Pets at Home Foundation