Otto and Oscar

Constant companions

Oscar and Otto

Otto and Oscar came to live with me in July when they were four months old.

This is the second time I have adopted through HAWS. My previous cat, Lyra, was adopted 11 years ago but died earlier this year and left a big cat-shaped hole in my home.

Otto (the black one) and Oscar (the tabby) are two brothers from a litter of three, their other sibling having been adopted before them. They had spent the first months of their life with their fosterer, Karen, and her cats. It could not be more clear that they have only ever experienced love and kindness from their first home and they are supremely curious, confident and friendly little trouble makers.

The boys have very different personalities. Oscar is the natural extrovert, seeking company and cuddles wherever he goes. Otto is quieter and gentler but in his own way is bolder, exploring the neighbours’ gardens more widely than his brother. They are the best of friends, and are never far from each other. I could not be more pleased to have adopted two siblings. They keep an eye on each other, give each other confidence and keep each other company when I am not home.

Between them Otto and Oscar have befriended all of our neighbours, and their cats, including having been adopted by Daisy, an elderly neighbour cat, who treats them like her own kittens. Otto repays the kindness by repeatedly stealing Daisy’s toys and dragging them home, only for them to be returned later by me. When Oscar went missing for a few hours a couple of months ago I had half the neighbourhood out looking for him. He was found napping on a neighbour’s roof having clearly heard all of our calls, and steadfastly ignored them in favour of a snooze in his sunny spot.

I work from home most of the time so the boys are my constant companions, helping with one zoom call after the other. Now they are here I can’t imagine my home without them.