Leo and Nala

You may remember the sad story about
HAWS kittens Arwen and Maia?

They were two of well over 300 kittens UK-wide which sadly died this year due to the Feline Pancytopenia outbreak. Well, we now have some very nice news. The lovely people who went through all that have now just adopted 2 new bundles of joy from us now called Leo and Nala.

Arwen and Maia’s adopters understandably took 5 months of grief and sadness and then came back to Miss Skimbleshanks, the foster carer they had adopted from, to say they were missing having little feline lives in their home. We, of course, had already agreed we would give them their pick of kittens in our care as soon as they said they were ready and a couple of weeks ago, after 2 visits from when the kittens were tiny and then a little older and lots of thinking, chose to adopt Shasta and Bellis from the daisies litter. These adorable tabby kittens have been named Leo and Nala and are so much braver and bolder than Arwen and Maia were that they have already taken over the house and all focus is on playtime!!

Update on the Feline Pancytopenia outbreak

Arwen and Maia’s legacy

Thank you to everyone who donated towards Arwen and Maia’s legacy research. We helped raise over £500.

For more details visit the appeal page