In-store fundraising 2020

Thank you Pets at Home and Sainsburys

Pets at Home

Here at HAWS we consider ourselves really lucky to have been the partner charity for 2 branches of Pets at Home in 2020. This allows us to have a pet food collection bin inside the Brentford and Richmond stores and also to be a beneficiary of their twice-yearly fundraising activity.  In previous years we have had a team of volunteers in the stores supporting the fund raising, but of course due to Covid-19 things had to be different in 2020.

Santa Paws logo

Pets at Home went ahead with their fundraising regardless, realising that many animal charities are more in need of funding than ever because other means of raising money had been curtailed. 

We are beyond thrilled to have received a total of £3,125 from the Santa Paws fund raiser which ran in December. Additionally we have been given £4,000 worth of Lifelines to spend in their shops (Lifelines are the points you collect for us when you shop in Pets at Home using your VIP card, if we are your nominated charity).


Last, but by no means least, we extend our thanks to the Chiswick branch of Sainsburys who have a pet food collection bin for us which is regularly filled to the absolute brim by donations from their lovely customers!

Thank you everybody for your continued support, we really appreciate it.