How you can help

There are many areas where we might need your help.
Please contact us if you are interested in doing any of the following:


We have regular fund raising sales but always need more volunteers to help. We have plenty of donated goods which can be sold at any event you choose. We can also provide collecting boxes and advise about local events where we are allowed to collect money from the public.

Alternatively you can sell your own items on Ebay and donate a percentage to us.

If you have an idea for a concert or any other fundraising event we would welcome your ideas and any support you can give.


If you have a car and are free especially during the day, you can assist us with anything from trapping animals which need our help, to taking animals to and from the vets.

We also need help with transporting and storing pet food. For these jobs we really do need people who can do this on a regular basis.

Please note that it helps if you are relatively local and can be contacted at short notice.

Looking after animals or cleaning out pens

We hear from many students and young people wanting to gain experience of working in an animal shelter. However all of our animals are kept in our volunteers’ homes so unfortunately we do NOT have the need for help of this kind. We do appreciate the offer but if you can help in any of the other ways listed above please contact us