Making space to breathe

HAWS received enough donations to fund this gorgeous little kitten’s life-saving surgery and he is now ready to be rehomed.

To donate please go to his fundraising page.

GilbertGilbert has struggled to survive since day one. Some days it was as if he had forgotten how to suckle. Whilst his brothers grew from strength to strength little Gilbert became dwarfed in comparison. His foster carer needed expert help over the period of about 2 weeks whilst they fought over each millilitre of kitten formula until he finally started to gain weight.

Gilbert in the shadow of one of his big brothers

When his brothers were ready to have their first vaccination, Gilbert went along for the ride and we spoke to our vet who made his diagnosis.

We discovered that Gilbert has a congenital deformity called pectus excavatum. Instead of the ribs coming smoothly round to meet his breastbone, they curve sharply inwards, as his sternum is pushed back and up towards the spine. Without surgery, he would be unlikely to live very long, and would become increasingly unwell as his squashed heart and lungs could not support his growing body.

Gilbert is such a bright, cheerful, energetic little fellow and we aren’t prepared to give up hope for him.

Gilbert's scan showing his chest deformityA CT scan shows Gilbert’s chest to be so cramped that his heart is pushed into the space where his left lung should be, and both lungs are constricted at the bottom by the inward curve of his ribs at the front.

A specialist plans to rectify the malformation with a plastic ‘corset’ which will be sutured to Gilbert’s sternum, and gently tightened to draw his bone forward, allowing his heart and lungs to expand.

HAWS is determined to do everything possible to give Gilbert a happy, healthy life. In order to afford this expensive surgery we are looking for £4,000 including his CT scan, and this allows for contingencies.

Update 23/08/19:

We are delighted to tell you that the fundraiser for Gilbert has reached £3,952.50 so his surgery will go ahead next week. A large amount of this has come from two people one who donated £500 and the other an incredible £2000.

We are amazed we have reached this total in just a couple of days.

We always have many other animals which need surgery or specialist care so any extra raised will be used for other just as worthy cases.

Thank you so much everyone.

Gilbert’s Facebook page

Gilbert has his own Facebook page. Ask him to be a friend.

Gilbert’s fundraising page

Note that enough donations have been made to now fund Gilbert’s surgery. Huge thank you to all those who kindly donated.