Every donation to HAWS goes a long way to ensuring we can continue to provide for the animals in our care. Your donation will help with veterinary care and medication, supplies and equipment.
Please send us donations when you can afford it and remember us in your Will.


You could help us with fundraising, transport of cats or goods, storing animal food, admin or following up enquiries. We need dedicated people who are committed to helping our animals. It is a never ending job and sometimes thank-less so please get in touch if you can help on a regular basis.

Foster an animal

We need more temporary homes for our animals while they are in our care. You could become a foster carer and really make a big difference to these animals’ lives. You don’t need to have a garden or even be home in the day to look after most of our animals while they are in care. It is also ideal for those living in this area temporarily and for those who are not able to commit to adopting an animal permanently.

Sponsor a long term resident

Can you help sponsor one of our many senior residents, bearing in mind that they may never find new homes? This is an ideal way to help look after an animal if you can’t actually adopt or foster one.

Help feral cats

We are always in need of new locations to place feral cats. Can you help by offering a farm or other suitable location for one or more of them?