Halloween madness

Kitten Mayhem Morning

Today (29/10/21) saw three of our kittens taking centre stage on ITV’s This Morning show. TV vet Scott Miller borrowed them from us to do a live piece extolling the virtues of black cats who are often overlooked when put up for adoption. As you can imagine, absolute chaos ensued, but we got a very welcome plug for our charity.  To see the shenanigans, click on the following link

Watch on ‘This Morning’ now

Watch from 48m 45s. It’s only available for a few days.

It was hilarious watching presenter Dermot O’Leary on his hands and knees looking under the sofa for them, and how much fun they had on the sofa with their eyes on Alison Hamond’s boots!

Scott Miller tweeted: 

“Love your black pet like I do. Black pets make up the largest proportion of animals in rescue centres and today on @thismorning we celebrate them!”

Scott Miller

Other comments

One of our members happened to see it live and said:

Delighted to see HAWS featured on “This Morning”.  What a coup!  Scott is our vet now, and is currently treating three of our rescues, Twinkle (14), Sugie (Ruby) and Squidgy (Ginger). 

Angela (HAWS member)