Georgie appeal

Help us raise £1,500


Among the many requests we receive daily to help rehome or assist with stray or abandoned cats, some stand out as being an emergency. 

We had one of these the other day when around 17.30 we received an email from a person who had seen two women open a cat carrier, quickly turf a cat out on the roadside and hurriedly leave the location. The cat hadn’t moved from the spot where she was left. We thought there would be little chance of her still being there, but two of our volunteers decided to go anyway.

We got there 2 hours after the email was received and it was starting to get dark. The cat was still frozen to the spot and easily picked up and popped into a pet carrier.  Blood was seen, so she was taken straight to a vet where she was found to have a great deal of blood in her urine. As a result of tests and an X ray we discovered that she had bladder stones which must have been very painful and have had to be surgically removed. 

We’ve called her Georgie and are setting up this fundraising appeal to cover her treatment which has already cost £1,500, as we have had a few cats recently needing a great deal of expensive veterinary care.

Amount raised so far

Note that we have received some donations already prior to this page being set up. These amounts will be totalled up in due course and added to the total below.

Update 3/11/23

Georgie has now had the stones removed from her bladder and will be on special urinary food for the rest of her life to try to keep them at bay. She is much more active now and recovering really well despite having an ear infection which necessitates drops twice a day. She is happy sleeping on a cosy human bed and cuddling up to her favourite toy banana! As soon as she is fit enough she will be having her vaccinations and will be on our website for rehoming.

We are going to post separately on Facebook about a tragic situation in Abu Dhabi, whereby some committed volunteer rescuers found over 100 cats callously dumped in the desert and left to die. They were able to save some of them. If we are able to raise more than the £1500 for Georgie we would like to be able to offer them some funds to help with their vet bills for the survivors.

More updates on Georgie can be found on our Facebook page