Elsa & Peter

This is great news and really made me smile.
So funny to think of them as those little balls of fur in the nest in February. 
Their mother has paired and is now a settled house rabbit.
Their father is still waiting for the right home.

Lu Covell – HAWS

HAWS was asked to take a male and a female rabbit in January 2021 Someone had seen them advertised for free and had taken them in to avoid them going to a bad home, but could not keep them. It is hard to work out if a rabbit is pregnant from feeling their tummies and we hoped the female, Carys was too young. Before we could get her to the vet she gave birth to two babies in her outdoor hutch. We could not move them as she was likely to abandon them if we did, and a move inside would stress her more so we wrapped the hutch up with duvets and gave her plenty of bedding and heat pads so she could transfer the heat to them. 

She did an amazing job and built a huge ball of a nest lined with her tummy fluff (which female rabbits use for nesting) and they did really well. They were big babies as the father, Jeffrey, was twice her size. They were moved after a few weeks to one of our fosterers, Jenni, who handled them often and they became calm, confident bunnies and have now rehomed. Carys went to a home with a much more suitably sized male bunny after she was neutered and is now settled as a house bunny and Jeffrey is still looking for a home with a large, neutered female.  

Update on these two

I just wanted to send a you an email to let you know how Rum and Raisin (now Elsa and Peter) are doing.

Elsa has been spayed and is fully recovered, she did great and the vets said how lovely natured and confident they both were (thanks to Jenni!). Peter went with Elsa for her operation and was apparently a very protective brother thumping at every person that went past them in their cage. Elsa took her medication and syringe feed without fuss and on most occasions tried to steal the syringe off me for more!

They are both such lovely bunnies with a little bit of sass mixed in. Peter has a fondness for water and seems to find every puddle / wet patch he can drenching himself and refusing to get out.

Thank you so much for letting us adopt them, they bring us so much happiness and make us laugh every day with their zoomies, binkys and cheekiness  

Sarah Jane