Dustbin babies

Late one Friday evening recently we had a call that a lady had found
a litter of kittens under a bin in the communal bin store. It was dark and
pretty wet so she had picked them up and taken them indoors in a box. 
One of our volunteers stepped straight up to plate and rushed round to find that there were four beautiful kittens who weren’t more than 3 days old. 

Dustbin babies 2021

Unfortunately the mother cat proved to be elusive, so our volunteer heroically took the tiny kittens home and commenced 2 hourly feeding for the next 12 hours, using kitten milk.

The next morning another volunteer went back to the house and successfully trapped the mother cat and reunited her with her kittens. She immediately started to clean and suckle them, which was a huge relief as sometimes mother cats don’t take their kittens back if they have been away from them for even a short time.

After having a check-over by the vet, mum and kittens were placed in a foster home, and all are doing very well – she’s a very good mum and the kittens are growing well and are absolutely beautiful.  When old enough they will go to their very lucky forever homes.