Cats supposedly have nine lives but Cookie has recently used up a few.

Cookie is in a foster home on a quiet road but he’d taken a walk and been hit by a car on an adjacent road. He was found by a member of the public who contacted a local vet and two members of the practice rushed round and collected him.

He was in a very sorry state, covered in blood from his mouth and very weak on his back legs. After emergency treatment to stabilise him, Cookie was diagnosed with a broken jaw and fractured rear leg. As the practice wasn’t open on a Sunday the decision was taken to transfer him to Mandeville Veterinary Hospital where they have 24 hour care. They kept him pain free and closely monitored until he could have surgery.  

It was a huge relief when we were told “he’s just used the litter tray and done a big wee”. When cats are hit at the rear there is always a concern there is damage to the spine and bladder that could make them incontinent. 

We understand this is not his first accident as X rays showed he had a previous injury that wasn’t set and had calcified. This was going to make the operation to mend the break more complicated. Initially there was discussion about the option of amputation but being a young cat we wanted to avoid that if possible.


Fortunately the operation was a success. Cookie is recuperating on 6 weeks cage rest and no doubt, he’s finding it very frustrating. He won’t understand how lucky he’s been, how many people have been involved in “mending” him or how much he’s cost us.

With thanks to the caring member of the public, The Vet at Old Isleworth and Mandeville Veterinary Hospital. I’m sure you can imagine what we think of the driver who hit him and didn’t bother to stop.