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Feral or stray?

We often get asked the difference between a feral and a stray. Here is a handy guide. A stray cat is one that has been raised with contact and socialisation but who has become homeless due to getting lost, running away or being abandoned far enough from their home they can’t […]

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Kitten overload

Spate of new-born kittens rejectedby their mothers We are not the only charity that has noticed an enormous increase in the number of new-born kittens that have been rejected or abandoned by their mothers.  We have been working with three large colonies of feral cats this year and two of these […]

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Cats supposedly have nine lives but Cookie has recently used up a few. Cookie is in a foster home on a quiet road but he’d taken a walk and been hit by a car on an adjacent road. He was found by a member of the public who contacted a […]

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A busy few months

Cat trapper’s diary The life of a volunteer trapper is certainly never dull and the last few months have been pretty full-on. Cats seem to do the most random things. One day I went to take a look at a colony of feral cats living near an electricity sub-station. In the scrub surrounding […]

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Do gooders and B&Q cats

A number of years ago a member of the public alerted us to stray kittens on the scrubland near the B&Q store by the Chiswick roundabout. In a joint venture with the Ealing branch of Cats Protection (CP) a trapping operation was mounted. It was incredibly difficult as the site […]

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Dustbin babies

Late one Friday evening recently we had a call that a lady had found a litter of kittens under a bin in the communal bin store. It was dark and pretty wet so she had picked them up and taken them indoors in a box. One of our volunteers stepped straight up […]

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