Cassandra & Cressida

Another happy ending

Cassie & Cressie
Cassandra & Cressida

Two beautiful, black cats have taken over this household. About five weeks ago Heather took me to collect them and bring them to their new home. They are seven-years’ old and suddenly they had been deprived of the love and care which had been always been theirs as their owner was no longer well enough to look after them. Understandably, they were very agitated and nervous and hid themselves away, coming out only at night to feed and use the litter tray.

But each day they became a little bolder, and soon, as long as the overtures came from them and not me, they would come close and ask to be stroked. Then, one night, I went to bed and found them both stretched out across it, and there they stayed until morning. From there they have gone from strength to strength. Their appetites are very healthy, they love routine and take themselves to bed promptly at 10 pm, and I have to fit myself somehow into the bed as they have no intention of moving from their chosen spots. They are fascinated by the garden and spend hours out there, always appearing for meals with loud, imperative demands, before strolling back out into the sunlight.

I tutor at home and often have a group of four gathered round my table for a lesson. I am now resigned to the fact that one or both of the cats will appear and jump on to the table, purring as they settle down comfortably on the students’ books. The students find it hilarious and would much rather stroke the cats than study Shakespeare. As I have called the cats Cressida and Cassandra, (Cressie and Cassie) after characters in Shakespeare, the students are also highly amused that the cats like sitting on their Shakespeare texts. ‘That’s very appropriate,’ said one girl seriously. ‘They must realise that we are reading Shakespeare. Aren’t they clever?’

A couple of weeks ago my son and his family had to go away unexpectedly for four days. They have a dog and had no one to leave her with except me. I was very anxious about the situation but needn’t have worried. Holly Dog quickly learned that the cats were boss, and dog and cats lived side by side but at a respectful distance.

I have watched Cassie and Cressie develop from anxious, frightened cats to relaxed, dominant characters who know this is their home and that they are safe, loved, well fed and happy. This house would now seem a sadder place without them.

Thank you, Heather and HAWS, not only for the care you have given to Cassie and Cressie, but to all the cats you save from frequently dire circumstances, cherish and find homes for, so life will lose the terror so many endure and become enjoyable once more..