An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirements page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.


Max (M) HR132

Age: 5 years
Must be homed with Jessie

Special Home Required

Jessie and Max are a handsome pair of rabbits! With Jessie's flowing white fluffy fur and Max's black Otter coat they really are a pleasing sight.

Max and Jessie were both single rabbits who had never been paired before. They were introduced to give each other some companionship, it was love at first sight. Since then they spend every moment side by side.

Jessie is a slightly older rabbit, who came to the charity when her family who loved her dearly were unable to cope after a change of circumstance.
When Jessie was neutered was found to have uterine cancer and we hope this was completely removed with the spay. She has maintained her weight and condition with her foster family for the last 6 months, and has gone from strength to strength. Jessie loves to divide her days into roaming her foster family's garden with Max or snoozing contentedly in her basket.
Her eyesight isn't what it once was and she can be taken by surprise, but if you make her aware she is quite happy to sit and be stroked and will allow a little brushing.
Max is a fun sweet little rabbit, he knows his name and will come over to you if called. He too loves to sprint about the garden. He likes being stroked and interacting with people.
Neither rabbit is fond of handling, but will hop back to their hutch when encouraged to do so.
They are looking for a special home who are willing and able to cope with Jessie's medical needs as they may arise. In return they will delight you with their tender ways and love for life! 
Jessie was checked by the vets in July 2021 (11 months after her operation) - no signs of the cancer on her examination but she has started on some pain relief for arthritis in her toes.

Jessie (F) HR133

Age: 8 years
Must be homed with Max

Jeffrey (M) HR151

Age: 16 months

Jeffrey came into us with a small female bunny after being advertised for nothing on social media. They were taken in by someone who was worried they would end up in the wrong home but she was not able to keep them. The female was already pregnant so they had to be separated. 

He is still rather shy of contact with people but does not bite. He loves to race around his fosterers garden so we would like a home with plenty of space. He would need a home with a confident medium/large neutered female who could build his confidence.  

Bramble (M) HR156

Age: 8 months

Bramble is a friendly young mini-lop that came into us due to a case of incorrect sexing. He will be ready for pairing with a young neutered female from 3rd August onwards

Heath (M) HR158

Age: 3 years

Special Home Needed 

Heath has had a really rough start. He was used as a breeding male early in his life and this has left him with a distrust of humans. He is hutch possessive and will nip. He was taken on by another owner who kept him as a houserabbit and tried to settle him but without success. 

We are looking for an experienced rabbit home without young children and with a neutered female rabbit to try a very gradual bond. Like all rabbits he should calm down with sensible handing, a stimulating envrionment and allowing him space. 

Kitty (F) HR159

Age: 9 months
Kitty is related to Thomas
Must be homed with Thomas

Kitty and Thomas are a delightful and friendly pair of young rabbits. They are guaranteed to bring great joy to their new owner.
They have experienced a difficult start in their young lives. But they haven't let this get them down.
Firstly they were abandoned in a cardboard box outside the charity's postal address. Luckily they were found and looked after overnight whilst a foster carer could be arranged for them.
Thomas and Kitty were settling well into their new foster home when more tragedy struck. Unfortunately a starving fox attacked Kitty through the bars of an otherwise fox proof run. Kitty's ear was badly damaged, this attack meant she required antibiotics and daily wound care. Kitty has shown her resilience and has recovered well from the incident. Sadly it has left her with a permanent scar to her ear. This incident gives testament to what a tolerant and gentle rabbit she is. They were both shaken up by the event but have recovered and are still a friendly, cheerful and gentle pair of rabbits.
They both love being able to stretch their legs and have a good run about. They enjoy climbing on boxes, having their food hidden in interesting places and  playing with willow balls. Thomas loves food, and does a cheery little dance when he spots you delivering his greens!
They will need access and time to spend in a large outside space daily or an indoor home that has been rabbit proofed to allow them plenty of free space. 
You will not be disappointed with this pair who after all they have through deserve a secure, caring and fun new home.

Thomas (M) HR160

Age: 9 months
Thomas is related to Kitty
Must be homed with Kitty