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  • All are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered as soon as they are old enough.
  • All receive flea/worm treatments before going to their new home.

Snowdrop (F) HC5065

Age: 2 years
Urgent rehoming required

Meet Snowdrop. She was abandoned with her 3 kittens outside one of our vets amongst a pile of rubbish bags. They were in a broken carrier tied up in several polythene bags with no ventilation. We can't bear to think what might have happened if one of the vet nurses had not stayed late after the surgery had closed and found them.    

Despite what happened to her she is a sweet and friendly little cat who deserves a good home after being treated so appallingly. 

At first she was very shy and scared of loud noises. It took her 2 to 3 weeks to settle into her foster home and stop hiding, but now she likes jumping on to the sofa and sitting with her foster Dad while purring loudly.  He tells us that "she loves playing with the laser pen toy and running around, eats well (both dry and wet food), she looks for us in the morning and in the evening to give her food".

We think Snowdrop would do best as an only cat and she seems to settle better with men than women. 

  • OK with older children
  • Garden required
  • Snowdrop has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated