Cats & kittens

Available for adoption

  • All are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered as soon as they are old enough.
  • All receive flea/worm treatments before going to their new home.

Michael (M) HC5167

Age: 5 years

Say hello to Michael - such a lovely boy who came into our care in a bit of a state.  He'd had a number of owners, and was relinquished to our vet.  Poor Michael was found to have problems with bladder stones; a very painful condition, and he needed an operation to unblock his tubes!  He will need to stay on a special urinary food diet in order to prevent formation of bladder stones in the future.   We think he is about 4 years old, but we can't be sure.

He's such an affectionate boy with a big personality. He loves to greet you when you come home, all he wants to do is love you and be fussed in return (especially under chin rubs).  He enjoys following you around the house to see what you are up to, napping on soft blankets and can be very playful and energetic.  He can be chatty from the window at the other cats and birds in the area, but not at all aggressive. In the 3rd photo you can see him in conversation with a mini-Michael through the window! He will make a very loving companion.

He is very excitable when he is playing, so we think he would do best in a home with no, or older, children. 

  • OK with older children
  • Garden required
  • Michael has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated

Bobbi Bear (M) HC5343

Age: 4 years

Bobbi Bear is the sweetest, friendliest, chubby cheeked tabby there is. Despite his stocky seal like stature and large paws, Bobbi is a cuddly baby bear at heart (with squeaks for meows to match)

Bobbi has lots of love to give and a desire for belly rubs. He was a little timid at first whilst settling with his fosterers but now he is right at home and loving the company of humans. 

Bobbi Bear loves to cuddle up and sleep at the end of his fosterers bed. He loves his food and will try his very best to convince you for a second breakfast with his cheeky face. 

Bobbi has an excellent character and any family would be lucky to have this sweet boy in their lives.

Bobbi Bear is FiV positive and as healthy as can be. There’s no reason why he can’t live a long and normal healthy life with the right people looking out for him. Read more about FiV here 


  • Adult only home required
  • Garden not essential
  • Bobbi Bear has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated
  • Wider coverage area considered

Rambo (M) HC5377

Age: 3 years

Rambo found his way to a family who already had two cats.  He was outside over the winter but they kept him warm and wanted to take him on as their own, but after taking him to a vet they found out that he was FIV positive. This meant they they unfortunately couldn’t keep him with their other cats and had to try to rehome him. Rambo hasn't an aggressive bone in his body, he has shown nothing but love towards us and other FIV cats.  

He is a gentle giant. A very friendly cat who loves nothing more than to be around people. He is just a lovable boy who is always so happy to see you. It would be wonderful to see him finally have the permanent home that he is so desperate for.  He loves his dreamies and catnip toys as well as a soft blanket to curl up on.

He does have the potential to go with another friendly FIV cat.  

  • OK with older children
  • Garden not essential
  • Rambo has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated