Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society has placed a temporary stop on accepting applications for the adoption of cats and kittens as we have a huge number of applications still to process, and we wish to review those before accepting more. Visit this page for more details.

All cats are vaccinated and neutered as soon as they are old enough. They will also receive flea/worm treatments before going to their new home.

An up-to-date list of cats and kittens looking for a new home can be found below. 

Whisper (F) HC3212

Age: 6 years

This litte female was part of a stray colony and our intention was to neuter and put her back but after a couple of days at the vets they realised she isn't feral just a little timid but friendly so it wouldn't be right to put her back.

The vet nurses called her Whisper as she's very quiet.  She will probably need a quiet adult only home where she can flourish and ideally to be homed with her friend Belle who is in the same foster home.

Whisper has been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

Myrtle (F) HC3232

Age: 6 years

Myrtle's story
Well we started in our own commune, we had lots of babies and eventually there were too many of us.  That's when HAWS came along and collected us in small groups.  Myrtle (that's me) and Beauty went first and had our kittens, the kittens have all been adopted as they were all cute.  Beauty was adopted and that left me - I was lonely and miserable, one day Nicola who looked after me and my five kittens moved me and  I met up with five of my cousins or they may possibly be my brothers and sister I really can't remember.  One thing about us is we are all shy and nervous but we do love dinner and treat time, at night we move our beds around the room to confuse Nicola in the morning.  We are all black except Mog who is black and white, the rest of us do have little white hidden markings, mine Is on my  tum.  Let me introduce you there is Little one she is small and cute, we have William he is the biggest, Munro who is the middle one and Midge!  Myself and Little One are the ladies the rest are gents!!  I can't tell you how long it took me to get everybody in one place and to make them sit still for a photo !!!

Belle (F) HC3244

Age: 6 years

Luna (F) HC4467

Age: 3 years

"My name is Luna and I’m a gorgeous 3 year old girl with a luxuriously soft and thick black coat that you want to pet for days.

As I haven’t had the best of luck with my previous humans I do have trust issues and it takes me a bit of time to settle down in a new place and get used to people. I don’t get on well with other pets or children as they scare me. I really just need my vey own loving and patient hooman who’s willing to give me the time, space and care I need to build up my confidence and trust.

I’ve been with my foster momma for 3 months and although I’m still not confident enough to ask for cuddles I do let her pick me up and pet me for a while cause I know she likes it so much. I kinda like it too but don’t tell her that or she’ll be doing it all the time! I’m a cat after all and have a reputation to maintain!! I’m very independent and adventurous so a kitty door and safe access to outside is essential "

Luna is neutered and up to date with her vaccinatons.  She also has a pet passport as she's been to Spain before.  

Coco (F) HC4476

Age: 2 years

Coco is a sweet, loving but slightly anxious mother cat.  This might disappear when she's not with her kittens as she growls at the front door and is very vocal making sure her kittens are where she wants them or expect them to be!  She loves her kittens and plays with them.  She plays a little with humans but defers to the kittens.  She adores having head rubs, is not yet a lap cat but likes to be near her humans, especially if she thinks there is food involved! 

For more photos and videos please go to her foster Mum's Facebook page

Coco will be spayed, started her vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Celeste (F) HC4546

Age: 6 years

Celeste is a very pretty tortoishell girl who was relinquished into our care.    She is not used to children so would need an adult only home with access to a private garden in due course, as she is extremely keen to be out and about. 

Celeste is a typical tortie who likes attention when she wants it but also likes her own space and is quite an independent cat currently, but of course all her surroundings in foster care are very new.     She is a friendly girl but may be a little shy when she first moves to a new home.    

Celeste has been spayed, micro-chipped and has started her vaccinations.

Missy (F) HC4548

Age: 9 years

Missy is a really pretty, long haired, mature, tabby girl who who was reported to us a stray.  It turned out that Missy left home when her previous owner got a puppy, so we are therefore looking for a new home for her without dogs.  

We also think that Missy might prefer to be an only cat.  Certainly she seems to enjoy a home that can provide her with peace and quiet, probably with a single person or couple and no young children.   

As she is long haired she is going to need regular brushing to keep fur matting at bay.  Fortunately she really loves the brushing. 

Missy has been in her foster home for just a week and is currently practising social distancing.  She says hello to her fosterer in the morning and then goes about her playing business independently.  She is becoming more confident in her new surroundings as each day passes.   

She is neuterered, micro-chipped and has started her vaccinations.


Molly (F) HC4558

Age: 4 years

Four year old Molly is a sweet, friendly and naturally affectionate cat.  She is pretty and agile, bright, communicative and spirited. She enjoys human company and attention but has some difficulty trusting.  Through no fault of her own she has lost homes and has had to fend for herself for much of the time.  She has lived happily in a home for the past year but sadly can no longer tolerate the established other cats.  She desperately needs a loving home that she knows is safe and hers alone so she can learn to trust again. With love, security and patience her sweet nature will flourish and she’ll surely be a wonderful companion.

Molly needs an owner who has experience with cats and a home where there are no other pets or children.   She is territorial and so we are seeking a home for her where there is a low density of cats.  

Kit (M) HC4568

Age: No Date of Birth!

Kit is a very handsome boy with magnificent white whiskers.   He had been a stray cat for a number of months, and has been fostered following a leg injury which is healed well.  He has a few scars on his head and legs from his time as a stray, but has been gentle and relaxed at home.

He enjoys sitting in cubby holes, on the sofa with humans, or near to any radiator. He is still a little  timid but is very keen to be petted and loved on if you sit with him, and is beginning to try to purr as well.   He loves to be brushed.

Kit is due to be neutered on 2nd March and can then potentially go to a new home.  We think he would be best suited to an adult only home where somebody is around for at least a part of the day as he does love company.

We will confirm hs age when he is neutered.

He will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Bonay (M) HC4575

Age: 8 years

Bonay has been boarding at a local cattery and his owners have decided not to take him when they leave the country.  They describe him as gentle and friendly.

The owner of the cattery  says as follows ; He has boarded a couple of times with me and he takes a while to settle and relax so he will take a little while to settle into a new home.

We think he would be best suited to an adult only home.

Bonay is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Cookie (M) HC4576

Age: 3 years

Cookie is a three year old  handsome boy with unusual colouring. He is being rehomed as his owners are leaving the country

 He is an independent cat and quite affectionate but doesn't like to be over-petted so best suited to an adult only home or a family with older children who would be happy to let him do his own thing.

His current owner says he loves to spend time in the garden so a secure garden will be essential in his new home.  He wouldn't be happy to live in a home with other pets although he can sometimes make friends with others outside.  

He willl be neutered on 1st March so he is likely to spend more time with his family once he has no interest in chasing the ladies !!

He will be vaccinated and chipped before homing.