Cats & kittens

Rehoming list

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society has placed a temporary stop on accepting applications for the adoption of cats and kittens as we have a huge number of applications still to process, and we wish to review those before accepting more. Visit this page for more details.

All cats are vaccinated and neutered as soon as they are old enough. They will also receive flea/worm treatments before going to their new home.

An up-to-date list of cats and kittens looking for a new home can be found below. 

Molly (F) HC4558

Age: 4 years

Four year old Molly is a sweet, friendly and naturally affectionate cat.  She is pretty and agile, bright, communicative and spirited. She enjoys human company and attention but has some difficulty trusting.  Through no fault of her own she has lost homes and has had to fend for herself for much of the time.  She has lived happily in a home for the past year but sadly can no longer tolerate the established other cats.  She desperately needs a loving home that she knows is safe and hers alone so she can learn to trust again. With love, security and patience her sweet nature will flourish and she’ll surely be a wonderful companion.

Molly needs an owner who has experience with cats and a home where there are no other pets or children.   She is territorial and so we are seeking a home for her where there is a low density of cats.  

Polo (M) HC4559

Age: 17 months

This handsome boy is being fed daily by one of our volunteers, he's not chipped or neutered yet although that will be done week commencing 8th February.  She has called him Polo and will look after him until we can find a permanent home for him. This is what she says about him.

He is a lovely, healthy male cat with a sweet and chatty temperament. He  likes being stroked and cuddled and would very much like a new home. He is a bit nervous of dogs, and passing people, this is normal for a cat that’s been fending for himself for a while.  however, with a few cuddles and a nice warm bed he will be back to his old self in no time,  I am absolutely sure of it.

Polo will be neutered, started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing

Kit (M) HC4568

Age: No Date of Birth!

Kit is a very handsome boy with magnificent white whiskers.   He had been a stray cat for a number of months, and has been fostered following a leg injury which is healed well.  He has a few scars on his head and legs from his time as a stray, but has been gentle and relaxed at home.

He enjoys sitting in cubby holes, on the sofa with humans, or near to any radiator. He is still a little  timid but is very keen to be petted and loved on if you sit with him, and is beginning to try to purr as well.   He loves to be brushed.

Kit is due to be neutered on 2nd March and can then potentially go to a new home.  We think he would be best suited to an adult only home where somebody is around for at least a part of the day as he does love company.

We will confirm hs age when he is neutered.

He will have started his vaccinations and been micro-chipped before homing.

Bonay (M) HC4575

Age: 8 years

Bonay has been boarding at a local cattery and his owners have decided not to take him when they leave the country.  They describe him as gentle and friendly.

The owner of the cattery  says as follows ; He has boarded a couple of times with me and he takes a while to settle and relax so he will take a little while to settle into a new home.

We think he would be best suited to an adult only home.

Bonay is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Cookie (M) HC4576

Age: 3 years

Cookie is a three year old  handsome boy with unusual colouring. He is being rehomed as his owners are leaving the country

 He is an independent cat and quite affectionate but doesn't like to be over-petted so best suited to an adult only home or a family with older children who would be happy to let him do his own thing.

His current owner says he loves to spend time in the garden so a secure garden will be essential in his new home.  He wouldn't be happy to live in a home with other pets although he can sometimes make friends with others outside.  

He willl be neutered on 1st March so he is likely to spend more time with his family once he has no interest in chasing the ladies !!

He will be vaccinated and chipped before homing.