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Please note that young kittens may only be homed singly if adopters can be at home most of the day.

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Please note that direct access to a secure garden is required for most of our cats and kittens. Communal gardens, roof terraces and balconies are not usually acceptable.
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We do not generally home kittens where there are children under the age of 4yrs old. Any kittens will be at least 4 months old before they are to be homed with young children.
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Please state whether your pets have been vaccinated and neutered

Please note that some cats take a few months to accept living with others in the same home and it will be useful to have a spare room incase they need to be kept separate initially.

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If you are only available to adopt after a certain date, or there is other info you'd like to add to this enquiry please detail in the box below.

I confirm that I have checked the HAWS catchment area * otherwise we cannot process your enquiry. However, if you are just outside this area we may still be able to consider you, but only if you are looking for an elderly, disabled or FIV cat which may otherwise never find a home - please inform us of this by giving details in the box above.

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