A Rescue by Trapping

A while back we were called by a concerned member of the public to help
with a stray black mother cat and her kittens. 

We visited and established that there were four kittens, 3 tabby and 1 black, aged about 8 weeks and one or two of them had weepy eyes.  If we were to have a chance to rehome them, we would need to get them into our care and start socialising them as soon as possible. The householder was really helpful and set up a regular feeding pattern at specific times and we were able to visit at those times. Nevertheless it took 6 visits before we were able to get them! One of the kittens with the poorly eyes has needed an operation on his third eyelid.

We still have two of the ‘kittens’ (now aged 7 months) needing homes. Both are rather shy. You can find them on our website – Theodore HC4797 and Simon HC4799.

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