A Proposal at Christmas!


Meet  Arnie, (alias Tigger)

My happy boy who bounced around the house. One dark day he lost his sister. Even with 4 other cats to play with, he was inconsolable.

Meet Delila, (6 months later)


She was being manhandled by a group of children in a park. She was no more that 5 weeks old and not properly weaned. She was rescued by a kind-hearted member of the public and arrived in my care as a foster baby the same day. 

Despite her difficult start she was a happy girl and a little bundle of joy. To my delight, something wonderful happened, my Arnie seemed to take an instance interest in her. The feeling was mutual. 

Arnie proceeded to play, chase and roughhouse with his new friend, and she gave him as good as she got. She even took it upon herself to clean his ears! which he gratefully appreciated.

One day Arnie decided to propose to Delila. She said she would think about it, if her decision was yes they would have to get my permission. She made him wait for weeks, the little madam! Eventually, she (and I) obviously said yes, even though she has just knocked over my Christmas tree! To see my Arnie back to his old self, with a spring in his step again was wonderful. Delila fits in so well with me, and all my other cats, how could I say no to the happy couple.

I have 6 rescue cats, they are magnificent creatures, each one special and unique. I count myself extremely lucky to share my life with each one of them. 

Sarah – A happy Hounslow Animal Welfare failed foster mum, which is why I have 6 cats.