An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirments page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis Vaccination.

Kevin (M) HR36

Age: 4 years
Must be homed with Hermione

Kevin and Hermione have successfully paired. Kevin is a very sweet boy who is active and friendly. Hermione can be a bit of a madam but is much more friendly now she has been paried. They are medium sized rabbits so not dwarfs and will suit an older child or adult home and one experienced with rabbits. They could live inside or out but if kept indoors the home will need to be well rabbit proofed. 

In a settled environment they would be great pets but Hermione is strong willed and bossy and likely to always need confident handling. If you are looking for a rabbit with a character she is the one. 

Hermione (F) HR37

Age: 3 years
Must be homed with Kevin

Chester (M) HR41

Age: 5 years

Chester came in to us in poor condition with filthy matts all over his lower body and actually attaching his tail to his body. He had been looked after by a family member who could not cope. Now having been bathed,clipped and immunised he is ready to find love with a largish female companion. He is a bit grumpy but not aggressive and will make a great pet for the right person. Probably better with older children or adult home unless experienced with rabbits.

Hazel (F) HR46

Age: 2 years
Must be homed with Blueberry

Hazel and Blueberry are a gorgeous pair of bunnies who were abandoned with Heathcliff (HR45) in cardboard boxes on a cold night at a bus stop. We have no idea why as they are beautiful and gentle. They are medium size (approx 2.5kg). Can be considered for an indoor or outdoor home. These are two of the most lovely rabbits we have ever had in foster.

Blueberry (M) HR47

Age: 2 years
Must be homed with Hazel

Rachel (F) HR54

Age: 20 weeks
Rachel is related to Ross Joey

Rachel, Ross and Joey are a very amusing and sweet trio of bunnies that were born in our care. They are a happy group so we are planning to keep them together. Ross and Joey have been castrated but Rachel will have to wait to be spayed until she is 6 months old (August 2017). They could be rehomed before then but any adopter would have to agree to have her spayed when she reaches the right age. As they are a trio they will need a large huch and run with plenty of toys to keep them amused or will need access to a large safe space if kept as housebunnies. They are lionheads and hence will also need some grooming to avoid matts. They could be considered for a home with children. 

Ross (M) HR55

Age: 20 weeks
Ross is related to Rachel Joey

Joey (M) HR56

Age: 20 weeks
Joey is related to Rachel Ross