An up-to-date list of rabbits looking for a new home can be found below.

To adopt a rabbit, guinea pig, or rodent please check our requirments page and then email us on: otheranimals@haws-animals.org.uk

Please note our Rabbits have already had their Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2 vaccinations.

Leonard (M) HR35

Age: 4 years

Leonard is an Orange Harlequin lop. He is friendly and active and we are looking to pair him with a similarly aged neutered female. He has been kept outside so can be considered for an indoor or outdoor home. 

Coriander (F) HR64

Age: 21 months
Coriander is related to Parsley
Must be homed with Parsley

Coriander was one of the group of ten bunnies rescued from a dirty coverted cupboard on a balcony. She was pregnant when she came in and went on to have three babies and she still lives with one of them, her daughter Parlsey. She had a tough time dealing with the stress of the rescue but was an excellent mum leading to her babies being cheerful and confident. She deseves a great new start given her previous life.

Dill (F) HR65

Age: 21 months
Dill is related to Lavender
Must be homed with Lavender

Dill and Lavender are likely aunt and niece or cousins. They came from a colonyof ten rabbits on a balcony in West London and lived in some on the worst conditions we have ever seen. The fact that the owner wanted them rehomed due to neighbours' complaints about the flies and the smell gives an idea of their conditions. 

They are small rabbits and still nervous. They can both be bribed with pellets and will eat from your hand but can struggle when handled. They are both inquisitive with Dill being more food driven. They will also give the occasional gentle nip when worried. 

Therefore they would be best rehomed to a home that had had rabbits before and was confident with handling and taming and one without young children. 

They are amazingly healthy and easy to handle given their awful start. As far as we know they had never been picked up until they were rescued and both were born in the colony. They could be considered for an indoor or outdoor home but likely would be better in an outdoor home with access to a large run. 

Mint (M) HR66

Age: 11 months
Mint is related to Tarragon
Must be homed with Tarragon

Mint & Tarragon came to us rather timid after being in a colony of rabbits.

They have slowly settled down & have become a complete delight to handle. Tarragon actively greets our dog at the cage & will stand nose to nose waiting to see who will break the stare first. He adores carrots & will happily have a tug of war with a cabbage leaf with you. Mint is a little bit more timid & will hang back when fed but unusual he's the more relaxed when being stroked.

Tarragon will demolish mint stalks, ironically, & prefers his cucumber in chunks. He adores having his ears played with & loves to do his thumper impression. Mint is the better litter trained then Tarragon. Both boys are a absolute delight to have & would make perfect pets for the right family

Tarragon (M) HR67

Age: 11 months
Tarragon is related to Mint
Must be homed with Mint

Rosemary (F) HR68

Age: 2 years
Rosemary is related to Chive
Must be homed with Chive

Rosemary and Chive came to us with an uncontrolled breeding group. They are likely aunt and niece. We asked their fosterers for a write up and this seems to describe them well: 

"They really are such good bunnies, so placid, never squabble and absolutely love each other.  Easy to catch and handle. Never bite or scratch and will make fantastic pets"

They are used to being handled by children as they are fostered with a family with school-age children. 

Lavender (F) HR70

Age: 11 months
Lavender is related to Dill
Must be homed with Dill

Chive (F) HR71

Age: 10 months
Chive is related to Rosemary
Must be homed with Rosemary

Gizmo (M) HR76

Age: 2 years

Gizmo is a very active and intelligent bunny. He was being kept in a small hutch in a bedroom and is now ready to explore the world. He loves being out in a run and is into everything. He is not a fan of being picked up and this will take time but has learnt to hop into a end-opening cat carrier to be moved from hutch to run. He is interested and does not bite but any handling is very much on his terms and he will struggle. 

He would be better with experienced rabbit owners and may take time to pair. He would suit a small to medium well-handled neutered female who he could learn from. 

Thyme (F) HR77

Age: 8 months
Thyme is related to Fennel
Must be homed with Fennel

Thyme was born with us and is paired with her brother Fennel. She is a very pretty blue eyed girl with a cheerful and friendly attitude. 

Parsley (F) HR78

Age: 8 months
Parsley is related to Coriander
Must be homed with Coriander

Parsley is a cheerful and bouncy little rabbit that was born with us and has remained with her mother Coriander. Many people have commented that she looks like a Pokemon character with her ring of lighter fluff in her lionhead mane. She is strong willed but is a nice bunny underneath. 

Fennel (M) HR79

Age: 8 months
Fennel is related to Thyme
Must be homed with Thyme

Fennel is a very sweet neutered boy who was born with us and is paired with his sister Thyme.

Percy (M) HR87

Age: 20 weeks

Percy was seen running along a road in Perivale and was caught by a member of the public. Local enquiries never found out where he came from so he may have been an unwanted Christmas present. He is a lively boy who has a good temperament given his unfortunate start. We are looking to pair him with a young neutered female bunny.