Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

George (M) HG56

Age: 3 years
Must be homed with Charlie

George is a handsome black and white Teddy. Despite being the more dominant one in the relationship he’s a timid guinea pig who doesn’t enjoy being handled so as a new owner you would need to be patient in order to gain his trust. He loves to play with Charlie however prefers his own hidey house when it comes to bedtime. He loves his salad, and always eats everything he’s given, getting very excited at dinner time. 

The boys are indoor guinea pigs at present so you will need to have the space to accommodate their cage in your home. That's not to say that they wouldn't enjoy going out in a run in the garden for a few hours on fine days in summer. They can be considered for an outdoor home from April onwards. They are a lovely pair of boys who deserve a fantastic forever home.

Charlie (M) HG57

Age: 3 years
Must be homed with George

Charlie is a handsome black Teddy. He is sweet natured, affectionate and enjoys his cuddles. He gets excited for pellets/salad and is very inquisitive. He loves to jump on top of his hidey house so he can keep an eye on what’s going on around him. He’s the more submissive guinea pig in the relationship and likes his own space at bedtime but they are often seen playing together during the day.

Bill (M) HG58

Age: 19 months
Must be homed with Ted

Bill and Ted are a young pair of boys that were given in to us as their owner no longer wanted to handle them. They are a sweet and cheerful pair of Guineas but still need plenty of handling. 

Ted (M) HG59

Age: 19 months
Must be homed with Bill

Spot (F) HG60

Age: 2 years
Spot is related to Ginger
Must be homed with Ginger

Spot (black & white) and Ginger are two female, 2 year old GPs in very good health. They are super friendly, easy to handle and love a snuggle on the sofa.
They would love nothing better to have family that love them, give them lots of attention and snuggles. If you like a chatter, Spot & Ginger, are the companions you have been looking for.
They are at present kept inside but can be considered for an outside home as well. 

Ginger (F) HG61

Age: 2 years
Ginger is related to Spot
Must be homed with Spot