Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

Bill (M) HG58

Age: 21 months
Must be homed with Ted

Whoa! You want to know more about Bill & Ted?  Excellent!!!  These totally resplendent little dudes are looking for a stellar new forever home. 
Bill is a short-haired guinea-pig with some long-haired features (he has a very cute long-haired patch right at the back, which I’m tempted to plait) and Ted is vice versa.  Ted enjoys having his long-fur brushed as long as you are gentle. They are young, and we suspect haven’t been handled much in their previous home, so they are a little bit timid.  This is improving now that they have realised that human = something delectable, and they are on the verge of chubbling contentedly when snuggled for a cuddle.  If you listen carefully, you can hear they are holding back – but only just!
Bill & Ted Have lived outdoors and indoors and so can be considered for either type of home. Bill eats grass like there has been a famine – he adores the stuff.  Ted loves to run up and down enjoying the space, or sitting in the doorway of the cavy cabin observing Bill at his munching. 
These good-looking pair should make wonderful loving pets for a family who are prepared to take some time (it may be a week or two) to get to know them and earn their trust.
Catch you later and be excellent to each other! 

Ted (M) HG59

Age: 21 months
Must be homed with Bill