Guinea pigs

An up-to-date list of guinea pigs looking for a new home can be found below.

Rory (M) HG62

Age: 2 years
Rory is related to Rafe

Rory is a beautiful glossy big ginger squidge of a guinea pig! He loves his food and also loves a cuddle. He will settle down and relax quite happily in your arms for as long as you want.

Rafe is more timid, but is getting tamer as time goes on. He's quite an excitable little piggy who will popcorn around like no other pig I have ever known when he is particularly happy with his meal, or the cleanliness of his cage!
Rory and Rafe are happy to go in a run on the grass during the daytime in good weather, but need to live indoors in winter, so you will need to have room to accommodate their cage in your home.
They are a happy and friendly pair who will make lovely family pets for some lucky people.
Rory had to have a lump removed form his side soon after he came to us and will need this monitored in the future


Rafe (M) HG63

Age: 22 months
Rafe is related to Rory